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any of numerous perennials having mounds of sumptuous broad ribbed leaves and clusters of white, blue, or lilac flowers

any of numerous perennials having tuberous roots and long narrow bladelike leaves and usually yellow lily-like flowers that bloom for only a day

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A great variety of day lily for late summer borders is Stafford, which produces bronze flowers 10cm across.
In fact I prefer both varieties of day lily to some of the more recent introductions, which, while excellent garden plants, have flowers that are far too large to sit comfortably with other plants in the garden.
You're also bound to enjoy the crispy, tangy taste of pickled day lily shoots and tubers.
You can eat opened day lily flowers, too, but remove the stamens before you slice the petals into your salad.
But when Ms Wilkins convinced him she was genuine, he set to work to create the scents the Queen wanted - one based on day lily, dianthus and freesia and the other a spicy fragrance.
For example, the orbiter is designed so that its huge, dish-like, high-gain antenna will face the earth from Jupiter, but during the initial trip in toward Venus, necessary for a "gravity assist" to provide some additional acceleration, the antenna will be folded around a central mast like the petals of a yet-unopened day lily.
Vendor: Day Lily Properties Limited, Thaumat Holdings Limited, RREEF Global Opportunities Fund III
This week's online offer is for three Hemerocallis Frans Hals, a unique and prolific flowering day lily.
The Day Lily Show at Tower Hill Botanic Garden is only one day long, however, from 11 a.
ELIZA DOOLITTLE Skinny Genes A cheeky little tune from the 21-year-old Londoner that feels like early day Lily Allen.
The day lily (so named because its buds bloom for one day only) that punctuates flowerbeds from Virginia to New Brunswick is not a true lily.
She is in her third term as president of the 50-member Hi Desert Iris and Day Lily Society.