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any of numerous perennials having mounds of sumptuous broad ribbed leaves and clusters of white, blue, or lilac flowers

any of numerous perennials having tuberous roots and long narrow bladelike leaves and usually yellow lily-like flowers that bloom for only a day

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You're also bound to enjoy the crispy, tangy taste of pickled day lily shoots and tubers.
Astronomical data for June The phases of the Sweet Clover Moon and the Day Lily Moon
She is in her third term as president of the 50-member Hi Desert Iris and Day Lily Society.
It is only five months since her operation and just the other day Lily walked about 10 paces across the living room.
On the day Lily the cat was killed, the feline made "a beeline" for Mr.
They include: the Easter Lily (Lilium Longiflorum), the Tiger Lily (Lilium Tigrinum), the Rubrum Lily (Lilium Speciosum), the Stargazer Lily (Lilium Orientalis), the Japanese Show Lily (Lilium Lancifolium), Asiatic Lilies and Species of the Day Lily (Hemerocalis).
A The picture is hemerocallis, also known as the day lily as each flower only lasts one day.
Watch out for Easter lily, Tiger lily, Rubrum lily, Japanese show lily and Day lily.
But when Ms Wilkins convinced him she was genuine, he set to work to create the scents the Queen wanted - one based on day lily, dianthus and freesia and the other a spicy fragrance.
On the day Lily Allen says she's quitting pop to try for a baby, a gust of wind blows up her top and gives her a phantom bump.
To find out more about Hemerocallis, the day lily, visit www.
The last time he was able to walk in his garden, he broke off a simple day lily and brought it in smiling for his wife.