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a laborer who works by the day

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The company is obliged to close its doors" due to the "occupation of its headquarters by day labourers," EDL said in a statement late on Monday.
Day labourers at the public company have been demanding their tenure for years and have held a sit-in for weeks.
The carefully co-ordinated attack in Tayaran Square at 7am involved a parked car bomb and a suicide attacker who drove up in a minibus, pretended to hire day labourers, then set off his explosive as they got into his vehicle, said police Lt.
Day labourers have been the target of similar attacks in the past.
Ironically, like the day labourers whose stock soared during wartime, farmers also found themselves on top of the traditional rural/urban split and, for a time, enjoyed the power that food production brought with it.
Cohen relates the story of a wartime scandal when the Tokyo Municipal Government was found paying day labourers [yen]70 per day to build firebreaks.
From the beginning, they get help from day labourers from previously- organized corners, and CHIRLA staff members.
Antoil Garcia, who became a committee member when day labourers began organizing on Pomona and Atlantic Avenues last spring, sees two reasons for getting organized.
Building on the common culture of Mexican and Central American immigrants, the Day Labourers Union started a band, Los Jornaleros del Norte.
While the Day Labourers Union is the most recent, and probably most unusual, organizing effort among Los Angeles' immigrant workers, it has been preceded by many others over the past decade.
IN THIS FINELY crafted book, Edward Fowler joins the world of Japan's day labourers, in particular the residents of the San'ya district on the edge of Tokyo.
Corporate Japan relies on an army of one or two hundred thousand day labourers to build its offices and roads.