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a camp providing care and activities for children during the daytime

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Parents who are selecting a day camp for their children, whether a single-purpose soccer camp or a traditional, 'general' camp, are entitled to the same assurances regarding safety, health, and program quality," he added.
As the architect of the company's wide ranging services offering, Lenhardt led the team that developed PetSmart PetsHotels(R) and Doggie Day Camp concepts, and expanded and greatly enhanced PetSmart's grooming and training offerings.
Shelby Nehus, 11, and her sister Jessica, 12, were among the 25 youngsters evacuated from a day camp program at Northlake Hills Elementary School.
Author's note: I'd like to extend gratitude to some excellent day camp directors for sharing their ideas and practices--David Hughes of Camp Doodles in Marin, California; Shanelle Lambert-Ruah of Whippoorwill Farm Day Camp in Fairview, Tennessee; and Marah Lyvers of Tom Sawyer Camps in Altadena, California.
at Guy Lee Elementary School in the Gateway area has the potential of making day camp available to students who couldn't make it to Dorris Ranch in southeast Springfield, Fackrell said.
A second day camp focusing on archaeology and Native Americans will also be offered.
Thus, out of our original 482 search results, fewer than twenty programs offer a traditional day camp experience.
Her 10-year-old sister, Karina, had good memories of a science day camp she attended.
In 2003, all of Courage's day camps were accredited by the same process.
When day camp staff were paid, 51 percent were more likely to return than voluntary staff.
The Morelli Teen Fitness and Nutrition Day Camp, often called the "Morelli Kids Camp" is accepting applications for the seven week camp that will run June 27 through August 12, 2011 in South Lyon for ages 13 to 17 of all fitness levels.
The day camp will be held July 14-17, allowing campers ages 8 to 12 to explore behind-the-scenes areas, meet with animal care staff and view fish, invertebrate, marine bird and mammal feeds.
SANTA CLARITA - With spring here and summer just around the corner, the city has opened enrollment for its annual summer day camp.
Their interest in desegregating their day camp in the early 1960s was an outgrowth of their commitment to the belief that camp provides a special environment--an environment where children can learn to embrace differences and be catalysts for changing the way we function in a global world.