day by day

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gradually and progressively


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It would be impossible to detail every step of the lapsing of these monsters,--to tell how, day by day, the human semblance left them; how they gave up bandagings and wrappings, abandoned at last every stitch of clothing; how the hair began to spread over the exposed limbs; how their foreheads fell away and their faces projected; how the quasi-human intimacy I had permitted myself with some of them in the first month of my loneliness became a shuddering horror to recall.
I still went among them in safety, because no jolt in the downward glide had released the increasing charge of explosive animalism that ousted the human day by day.
While the men that walk beside, Dusty, silent, heavy-eyed, Cannot tell why we or they March and suffer day by day.
For years the narrow alleys, the thronged streets, the great buildings of the City had known him day by day, almost hour by hour.
Day by day he worked on, and day by day the postman delivered to him rejected manuscripts.