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convertible consisting of an upholstered couch that can be converted into a double bed


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This week, we have a selection of sofas, day beds, loungers and swings all padded out with comfortable cushions.
The Hemnes three-drawer day bed costs PS260 at www.
Maid Meryl Carp reclines on the day bed in the Gilt Room at Tredegar House PICTURE: PETER BOLTER
It would have been easy to let the day bed absorb me but when you're lucky enough to fly business class direct to your destination with British Airways, you arrive with energy to spare.
Day Bed Delights: There's something deliciously cozy about a day bed, preferably one placed under a sun-drenched window with a long afternoon of quiet reading ahead.
The Woollongong-based builder has implemented some new design innovations with the Seawind 1250 and will offer numerous layout options including a galley-up version or a galley-down version with nay station up and a luxurious day bed.
The new take on the classic day bed silhouette is nothing if not a conversation starter.
With the addition of extension legs the day bed can be extended into a mid-high bed and high bed freeing up space underneath for the creation of a study or storage area.
Villas include a private lap pool, an outdoor shower, a pergola for outdoor dining, and a day bed for relaxation or massage.
Mother bear leaves her cubs in a day bed at the base of a good climbing tree while she goes off foraging for food.
It is a convex-shaped sofa made up from cushioned roll-ups, large enough for three people, or when opened out as a generous chaise-lounge or day bed.
It has a private entrance, queen-size bed with ample room to maneuver about, and a separate day bed for those who travel with an attendant or child.
25 per day bed tax over a tobacco tax to help the ailing nursing homes.
Faldo, 43, whose last victory was at the Los Angeles Open in 1997, wants to print a selection of philosophical poetry on the exterior walls and also intends to install a day bed from where he and his bride-to-be can view the garden.
8 HOSTILE DAY BED From Corey McCorkle's "Urban Archives" series, the piece Hostile Day Bed (157 Crosby, Service Entrance), 1997-2000, appeared in the recently concluded group exhibition "arch," at the Work Space in SoHo.