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the deliberate act of delaying and playing instead of working

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But our aunt thought best to remove her because she complained, and she has been dawdling about ever since she came.
They evoke our interests and affections, and keep the life of the spirit dawdling round them.
Charity was some sort of niece of the old lady's, and was consequently free of the farmhouse and garden, into which she could not resist going for the purposes of gossip and flirtation with the heir-apparent, who was a dawdling fellow, never out at work as he ought to have been.
Miss Crawley, be it known, did not leave her room until near noon-- taking chocolate in bed in the morning, while Becky Sharp read the Morning Post to her, or otherwise amusing herself or dawdling.
Danny was dawdling around 10m behind, and may have panicked when he did not spot that she had turned into Falmer Road, the detective said.
DAWDLING my way through an afternoon earlier this week, I directed my desktop computer to YouTube.
But language campaigners said the report adds to "the piles of evidence the Government now has on its desk, while it is dawdling to act".
Forget dawdling downloads - the new 4G networks being installed by UAE telecoms providers will shave seconds from the time it takes to access the web on the go.
LAL a dawdling child hanging around its mother [English Dialect Dict.
It would be horrible for Paula to watch someone dawdling.
As I've had two endorsements for speeding in a 30 mph limit I'm extra careful, but it's frustrating dawdling along the Western by-pass at 50 mph when everybody else is whizzing past without the possibility of being caught.
Rajamouli, an auto-rickshaw driver, committed suicide in Hanamkonda on Monday while a MBA student Bojya Nayak committed self- immolation on Saturday in protest against the dawdling by the centre regarding the demands of Telangana.
The people were very conscious about selecting Eid cards for their love ones but now the tradition of Eid card is dawdling.
If only we had realized what the symptoms were and that we needed to get her to hospital, if only we hadn't been dawdling for this half a day.
I am a 45-year-old HGV driver and the bane of my life is older drivers dawdling along at 50mph on a motorway, forcing us lorries to overtake, or cutting us up.