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without fear

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La Nauze pointed out that Franklin was "not even named" in some history textbooks, though he noted with approval that the Canadian government had recently placed a memorial "at the entrance of the then unknown waters [Franklin] so dauntlessly surveyed," and that a new Arctic research ship had been named in the explorer's honour.
Such social behaviour generally develops when people live under constant fear and insecurity and it makes people act dauntlessly.
html, became a personal endeavour that Costa tirelessly and dauntlessly battled to bring to life.
They have a big 'go-for-it' European sound with a keen biting edge to it when required, an ability to sustain dauntlessly and the capacity to generate enormous undistorted volume.
No, the gospel of the Fourth Sunday of Lent is not about three discrete individuals -- one profane, one righteous, one dauntlessly loving -- as much as it is, surely, about the tug of each of these archetypes in the center of ourselves.
That insane Andrea,' he said, and dauntlessly continued his preparation.
As a trade union leader, feminist, and social activist, Madeline has fought dauntlessly for over 50 years for equality, fairness and dignity: equality for women, fairness for working people, and dignity for all peoples.
It's just proof that she is dauntlessly battling on, despite the news that the cancer she has been fighting for the past 20 months has recently spread from her colon and liver to her lungs.
Yet within, Proudly, and dauntlessly, and all alone, Save that a babe lay sleeping at her breast, A woman stood.