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10) In the daughter's near-silence in the sequence, Holmes identifies a potential daughterly rejection of her mother's encompassing love and an invitation to critique the mother instead of sympathizing with her.
Groomsmen were brothers of the groom David Lee Snyder and Mark Andrew Snyder; Archie Reeder McDonnell III, brother of the bride; Caden McCauley Clodfelter, nephew of the bride; and John David Barr, Brandon Christopher Pratt, Ragan Elliot Denham, John Anthony Kueven, and Daniel Lee Daughterly.
The financial empowerment is of great solace for those working mothers who may have otherwise developed a deep sense of daughterly or maternal guilt by staying away from their families back home or spending less time with their children.
Kyoko Taniguchi, Emory University The Daughterly Subjectivity of the Mother: Problematizing "Maternal" Subjectivity
Even if you do live in sweats the rest of the gear, do your daughterly duty and throw on something nice for family functions.
Ettinger's work, in contrast, provides for a fruitful organization of a doubly encoded imaginary and symbolic, the co-presence of mother and child so powerfully poeticized by Medbh McGuckian, whose writing from her earliest publications has centred not only on being a mother but also on daughterly relating, both to her own parents and to those who have parented her poetically.
In Francesca Sanvitale's Madre e Figlia (1980) the daughter-narrator's revisiting of the mother's past, Benedetti argues, leads her to overcome both her overidentification with her mother and her exclusive daughterly identity, resulting in the birth of a new individuality: that of daughter and mother at the same time.
Over and over again the question of ethnicity, of the cultural mores of the world that created her mother rise and hang, a threatening shadow--addressed mostly obliquely--over the world Edwards reveals to us as the one from which she herself took her imperatives as to her daughterly duties.