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Synonyms for daughter

female child

Synonyms for daughter

a female human offspring



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Focusing on texts written between the late 1970s and the 1990s, a period of literary renaissance for both African-American and Caribbean women writers, Rody observes "the striking fact that a generation of women writers just emerging into literary power should make a romance of its daughterhood to mothers, should frame a return to the massive calamities of African-American and Caribbean history within a plot of daughterly desire for a mother-of-history" (p.
Paul's understanding of sonship and daughterhood emerges from within this process of transition from call to glorification (Romans 8:30).
The opportunity to possess subjectivity is squelched at every possible venue as slavery denies Baby Suggs friendship, motherhood, wifehood, sisterhood, and daughterhood.
The pattern of Cora's rebellion, enmeshed in Cordelia's tragic daughterhood, reveals itself through vignettes of Cora's childhood in the fifties, her coming of age and idealism in the sixties, and her felix culpa exile after fleeing America when a coconspirator in a draft board break-in commits suicide by fire.
Daughterhood, Motherhood, and Sisterhood in Dacia Maraini's Writings and Films (2002).
Hence she concludes that Bowles's "glorification of the pleasures of perpetual daughterhood stirred the two-edged sword that was buried deep in [EBB's] own heart" (p.