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Synonyms for daughter

female child

Synonyms for daughter

a female human offspring



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Daughterhood member Diane Ryan says the circle has helped her become more realistic about what she is capable of as a caregiver and what she needs to do to take care of herself too.
The strength and sanctity of womanhood (involving daughterhood, sisterhood and motherhood) is a constant theme, and empowering women through negotiation, a constant strategy, in Ezeigbo's works.
In response the speaker not only shifts the discourse back to third person, but also shifts the gender of the pronouns, right here in a discussion of daughterhood where it will be notable, so that to the command "Daughter lend me thy heart," the speaker replies,
In her book, Relational Spaces: Daughterhood, Motherhood and Sisterhood in Dacia Maraini's Writings and Films, Virginia Picchietti analyses the relationships between familial spaces and gender to investigate how the family shapes "both female identities and perceptions of the self" (13).
This Artemisian framework can be applied to Persephone also, as she is a figure of liminality that synchronistically joins two identities (virginal daughterhood with married womanhood/motherhood) while at the same time representing each discrete side.
Their status as models of dutiful daughterhood gives them an additional claim to that attention, so that readers admire them as moral exemplars.
Her narrative also illustrates how the constructions of femininity and discourses of motherhood and daughterhood impacted on the emergence of her maternal voice and her identity as a mother.
Family History" - Animated painting explores the quixotic nature of memory where the emotional space between motherhood and daughterhood intersect.
He does so again here, working with the same degree of intimate intensity but with longer character arcs and more pointed thematic intent, as he centers at the start on three women at various stages of theoretical, but not always actual, daughterhood and motherhood.
In the end, The Story Sisters, for all its magic realism, is about a family navigating through motherhood, sisterhood, daughterhood.
Thus, the long story of these women's struggles with their mothers' Alzheimer's becomes the story of motherhood and daughterhood and the way in which women cannot escape being the persons their mothers made them.
If we are not curious about mothers' and fathers' changed ideas of daughterhood, respectability, and marriageability, we will become unreliable analysts of the "Korean economic miracle.
Returning to Die Mittagsfrau, Franck uses the novel to capture a careful, at times painful illustration of one woman's experience of motherhood, daughterhood, and womanhood.
Looking at the construction of motherhood from psychological and cultural standpoints, respectively, Chodorow and Rich explore the intricacies of motherhood and daughterhood in America.
In his chapter on opera in A Pitch of Philosophy, Cavell notes an example of the phenomenon, referring to Germont in Traviata as "this so-called father" who "tortures the woman by withholding from her, in every sensitive phrase, the daughterhood he bewitches her into fantasizing" (Pitch 155).