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These consisted of daughter cyst formation (n = 3), detached parasitic membrane (n = 1), rupture (n = 1), segmental calcification (n = 3), and end-stage calcified cyst (n = 1).
The identification of daughter cysts with septa hyposignal intensity on T1 and T2 sequences is pathognomonic of hydatic cystic.
Initially she was treated with PAIR for liver disease but surgery was necessary due to continued high serological titres and the presence of a unilocular cyst, which was classified as a CE3 transitional cyst according to the WHO classfication, and which may have contained daughter cysts.
Once in these organ systems, the larvae develop into cysts, which slowly fill with fluid and produce daughter cysts containing protoscolices (Figure 5).
MRI of the thigh was done which revealed a hydatid cyst along with some daughter cysts arising from quadriceps muscle of thigh.
Cyst injection with hypertonic saline solution before puncture can inactivate scolices and daughter cysts.
One of the lesions showed daughter cysts (Figure 2).