daughter cell

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a cell formed by the division or budding of another cell

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After analyzing the videotapes, Stewart's team found that daughter cells aren't as alike as they look.
The researchers point out that two daughter cells arise from a single sensory organ precursor mother cell in the fly peripheral nervous system, and that among the daughter cells, Notch is activated in one and not in the other.
When bound to one region, EBNA1 helps initiate replication of the viral episome and the dispersal of the two copies into the daughter cells.
Is there any difference other than size between two diatom daughter cells, and if so, which daughter cell does better?
Spindle fibers (gold above, red at right) align pairs of chromosomes (blue) and then separate the genetic material into two daughter cells (shown forming, above).
An example of one student's progress is provided by comparing the pretest response of Student A, "The products are 4 cells, 3 new ones and they all can reproduce to create new cells," with the same student's posttest response, "4 daughter cells are the products of meiosis.
project, but epigenetics--changes in gene expression heritable from cell to daughter cell without changes in DNA sequence--transcends any one disease.
Normally, stem cells--cells that are self-renewing and that form specific types of cells--in the Arabidopsis epidermis will divide asymmetrically into a smaller, daughter cell, which eventually form stomata, and a larger daughter cell.
Specifically, when cells in culture were first treated with ethanol, the subsequent exposure to bad cholesterol was without effect on cell division: Each daughter cell received the correct number of chromosomes.
coli bacteria dividing over hundreds of generations and confirmed that the sausage-shaped bacteria divided each time into daughter cells that grew elongated at different rates -- suggesting that one daughter cell was getting all or most of the cellular damage from its mother while the other was getting little or none.
Further divisions of the apical daughter cell without hair and by the subapical cells composed the planar plate (Fig.
Although the cells are genetically identical, only one daughter cell can inherit the bacterium's single propeller.
When a stem cell in the fruit fly gut divides, it creates a daughter cell that wraps itself around its mother and siblings and prevents them from turning into specialized tissues, researchers report online January 7 in Science.
Each of these cells divides into two cells: One that replaces itself and another that differentiates into a pigment-producing daughter cell called a melanocyte, which imbues hair with its browns, reds and blacks.
An adult stem cell spawns a daughter cell that then develops into one of the various cell types within a particular organ.