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the category of nouns serving as the indirect object of a verb


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Consider, for instance the so-called Ethical Dative, one of the variants of the Free Dative as shown in (5), which appears in sentences such as (6):
And this is reflected in the recurrent -an-inflection of the descendant Old English paradigm (the earlier inflections having disappeared except in the genitive and dative plural).
a) [+locational*goal] datives, which were evidenced only with enviar, categorically appear as PPs;
Agents and datives occupy the top position of the noun hierarchy Entity>Temporal>Concrete> Animate>Human (Givon 1984: 56): the agent is prototypically a human participant who deliberately initiates the action, whereas the dative, being a human participant as well, does not hold responsible for the action.
But no parallel has been offered to support the suggestion that [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] can be linked to the datives in this way and in this sense.
My paraphrase of paragraph 5 (referred to above) tried to make sense of the datives [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], here emended away to become the easier genitives, without trace in the text or notes.
Aristotle would call the point of a thing its energeia or its ergon, its being-at-work, its manner of most actively being itself and displaying itself for what it is in itself, and we can serve as datives for such a display if we are up to the thing in question, in both our experience and our insight.
As is frequently the case with Datives (see [section]3.
Kayne, Datives in French and English, in: Connectedness and Binary Branching, R.
Finally she aims to provide a unified and comprehensive account for the status of ni-marked datives, arguing that a syntactic account should be supplemented with an understanding that dative subjects are the result of semantic and pragmatic change of ni-marked datives from prepositional to subjective usages.
Datives and Other Cases: Between Argument Structure and Event Structure.
When no misunderstanding would arise in the case of inflected Latin and Old English datives, we would expect one-to-one renderings; but, because Old English endings in dative and accusative singular are no longer fully transparent Old English forms are sometimes strengthened by a preposition, e.