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Synonyms for dative

the category of nouns serving as the indirect object of a verb


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And this is reflected in the recurrent -an-inflection of the descendant Old English paradigm (the earlier inflections having disappeared except in the genitive and dative plural).
5) The agent and dative for display are what Heidegger calls Dasein.
Compare Kellens' assumption of quotations to explain the sporadic datives in Y1.
In the ancient distinction, the "in itself" could also become "for us" if we were to become the appropriate datives for the thing in question.
Company (2001: 3) discusses in detail the "mixed formal and functional status" of datives that locates them between full arguments and adjuncts.
But this is infelicitous, inasmuch as the first and second person plural pronouns are not the plurals of the first and second person singulars, respectively; and their genitives and datives can therefore not be described as "plural" (note that the genitive -r of mer 'of us' and jer 'of you' is the same morpheme as is seen in nor-a, 'of him/her/it', gen.
When no misunderstanding would arise in the case of inflected Latin and Old English datives, we would expect one-to-one renderings; but, because Old English endings in dative and accusative singular are no longer fully transparent Old English forms are sometimes strengthened by a preposition, e.
for', might constitute a bridging context in the grammaticalization of benefactives into datives.
Niederreiter several times identifies datives showing -ya in sandhi for -yai as instrumentals (39 srutya[i] [wrongly written srutya], 51 bhrtya[i], referring here to a category of "finaler Instrumental" which nowhere exists in the Rigveda).
22) Precisely one charter boundary has ie, in two datives, SW Somerset 882 S345 nord to ie; ponne nord upp of poere ie 'north to the river; then north up from the river'.
An integrational approach to possessor raising, ethical datives and adversative passives.
In fact, the five occurrences of vise-vise can all be interpreted as datives and are translated as such in all instances by Geldner.
datives, beneficiaries, addressees) and not to others (e.
I will introduce the implementation for "possessor" datives of German in terms of a Kratzerian voice semantics (Kratzer 1996, 2003) as put forward in Hole (2005), and we will check which portion of the data from Section 3 can be covered by this kind of analysis.
Free" SSyntAs, in particular, "free datives," which are not controlled by L's active Sem-valence or by the active Sem-valence of L's actants (these are particular types of IndirOs);