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the category of nouns serving as the indirect object of a verb


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Dative forms are unique in the Mari declension system, because the position of stress cannot be unambiguously defined there (in all other forms the position of stress is clear both for the native speakers and researchers).
For Dolgan, it is also known that the transition has taken place comparatively late as there are indeed examples for the use of the dative case in earlier texts: (24)
Transitive verb + For (allowing the dative movement transformation) (she bought a shirt for him / she bought him a shirt)
For Keydana (2013: 358) istaye is synchronically an infinitive when it governs an accusative (and in other contexts), though there also exists a homophonous dative case form of an abstract noun isti-, which is never transitive.
It has been noticed that the minimum number of case-number forms in which a noun should appear to identify its inflectional pattern is four, preferably including the combination of nominative and accusative plural, and dative singular.
The study, "Predicting Syntax: Processing Dative Constructions in American and Australian Varieties of English," to be published in the March 2010 issue of the scholarly journal Language, is authored by Joan Bresnan and Marilyn Ford.
The similarities between Paul's phrase ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) and Aristotle's ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) are striking: the predicate noun [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] with a reflexive pronoun (in the dative case), and the appropriate form of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
Coordination chemistry is named after the coordination compounds, or complexes, it studies, which are named after the coordinate or dative covalent bonds they contain, which differ from garden variety covalent bonds mainly in how chemists envisage they are formed.
Could no one employed by the University of Chicago Press explain the irregular dative, offer an improved translation ("Woe to the lonely"), and point out that the phrase is surely an allusion to Livy, where the soon to be discomfited Gallic chieftain Brennus cries out Vae victis, "Woe to the conquered" (V.
But yearly I survey my country native, And, 'mongst 6 cases, live upon the dative.
4: Demonstrating dative case (sampradAn kAraka-for and chaturthi vibhakti)
Oxi dative stress of platelets and thrombocytopenia with vivax malaria.
M's Reverse Interlinear also parses each word in the Greek New Testament (for example, identifying a word as a noun in the dative case, singular and feminine; or a verb in the imperfect tense, active voice, third person and singular).
4) The particle akoor, the dative of akee 'self, is analyzed as a "voluntary action" marker (pp.
19) '[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]' is in the dative case, a requirement for the object of '[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]' even if in English we would say, 'the pious is completely opposite the impious'.