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The Keystone Project consists of the former Keystone Gold Mine (comprising the Burnt Timber and Farley Lake deposits), which produced 292,200 ounces of gold, the 1,300-tonne-per-day carbon-in-pulp Lynn mill, an inventory of advanced and grassroots gold and base metal exploration properties covering over twenty-one square kilometers along the Lynn Lake greenstone belt and an extensive exploration database that dates back over 50 years.
Operations were run from a "blockhouse" that dates back to the 1960s, but with electronic systems that were upgraded along with the rockets.
Along with morning Masses, Queen of Angels offered midnight high Mass, a Christmas Eve staple that Radecki said dates back centuries and is sometimes known as the Mass of the Shepherds because they were the first to see the newborn Jesus.
Most archeologists believe the Ring of Brodgar dates back at least 4,500 years.
The first such day dates back to the first Continental Congress in 1775.
Hasaka, northeastern Syria (SANA) -- Archeological discoveries in the Tell Lilan site located 120 km northeast of Hasaka indicate to the historic significance of the site which dates back to the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC.
Her planning deputy had the day off and could not be reached for comment but an aide to the councilwoman said the project dates back to former councilman Marvin Braude's tenure.
Vacanti traces the conception and growth of the Tissue Engineering Society (TES), which has its roots in Boston, Massachusetts and dates back to 1996.
The expedition found pottery fragments that indicated that the site dates back to the late Stone Age and the Bronze Age.
Head of Sweida Archeological Department Hussein Zain-Eddin told SANA that the department in cooperation with al-Adyat society has unearthed a unique statue of god Hadad in Aws village in Sal-khad area to the south of Sweida, adding that the statue dates back to Aramaic era "around the 7th century B.
David, who is an artist and whose work is displayed throughout the house, said: "We understand that the original home on this site dates back to 1540 but the actual house as we know it dates back to 1895 when it was substantially improved after falling into disrepair.
It has attracted archaeologists to excavate and investigate its past, as it dates back to the Roman era.
The cottage dates back to 1820 and was originally used as the living quarters to the pub next door, which has long since been closed.
Inundated sites include a Sassanid (224-642 CE) city where human habitation dates back to the Achaemenid era (550-334 BCE), a unique fire temple, an Achaemenid royal house and graves dating back to the early Islamic era.