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Synonyms for dateline

an imaginary line on the surface of the earth following (approximately) the 180th meridian

a line at the beginning of a news article giving the date and place of origin of the news dispatch

mark with a date and place

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The penalty follows the Court s judgment on 30 July, which found that Dateline Imports contravened the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth) (now called the Competition and Consumer Act 2010) by making false or misleading representations about the amount of natural keratin in its Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy hair straightening product.
Dateline, through its wholly owned subsidiary Matai Holdings (Fiji) Limited (Matai), a Fijian incorporated private company, owns the Nukudamu Polymetallic Metal Project (Nukudamu).
The dateline is a spiky boundary that follows the meridian of 180 degrees longitude and bisects the Pacific Ocean.
Countries are free to choose whether the dateline passes to the east or west, and Samoa's decision will mean all new maps will need to change.
At midnight on 29th December, Samoa's calendar will leap straight to Saturday 31st December, as it redraws the dateline to move to the western side after more than a century on the east.
Samoa decided to be on the east of the dateline 120 years ago so it was better placed to trade with the USA and Europe.
The format followed a similar ruse of earlier Dateline broadcasts, "To Catch A Predator," in which Dateline reporter Chris Hansen trapped alleged Internet sex offenders as they tried to contact volunteers posing as teenagers.
Bartel says Dateline relied too much on Perverted Justice; she claims, for example, that the group would show the program's producers only selected excerpts from chat logs.
Any reader looking for a blend of travelogue and cultural understanding will find Dateline Magnolia: An American Journalist in Nomad's Land fits the bill.
The dateline on the story about a Route 20 speed limit increase was Southbridge.
That came to mind back in January when the television news program Dateline NBC broadcast a segment titled "Supermarket Sweep.
But when Dateline NBC recently aired its story on Marrero's murder and the controversial trial of accused bank robber Paula Gutierrez that followed, there was no mention that Marrero was a lesbian or that she had a partner.
2003, NBC Dateline did a segment on this same incident which they wrapped-up with the comment that Patti and his son might've been murdered if it hadn't been for "a locked door
Matchmaker Dateline yesterday proved the perfect partner for media firm Yoomedia after being sold as part of a pounds 650,000 deal.
He appeared on NBC's Dateline show to talk about his own drug abuse amid rumours he tried to stop Whitney going into rehab.