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Synonyms for dated

Synonyms for dated

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marked by features of the immediate and usually discounted past

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This stage of the process responded directly to the following participants' cited impediments to using research: availability of articles, irrelevance of topics, datedness of articles and lack of transferability to their context.
However, the most serious drawback to this collection is its datedness.
Seventies filmmakers, moreover, exploiting the datedness of the genre, found musicals a convenient tool for both criticizing cinema's artifice and underscoring their films' harsh realism.
The passionate vision in the poems themselves will take us past a superficial sense of datedness, but only if we feel the greater receptivity and practice the sharper attention that good writing celebrates.
Aside from its occasional datedness ("How queer" "runningboard"), the poem's diction has aged well.
at 486 (suggesting that "[w]ithin limits, the higher courts of all countries in our study adjust the ordinary or technical meaning of a statute to take due account of its datedness or obsolescence [so] [t]he theory would appear to be that the force or weight of any `old' meaning is outweighed").
Nowhere is the problem of datedness more evident than in Wason's discussions of gender.
Now readers may object to the dissonance and datedness of the term, and still more to the illustrations, slightly unfocused photographs of a woman model in 1860s attire and 1950s make-up, showing off makeshifts.
Although it could be used as background reading for a social insurance course or as a source for lecture material, its usefulness as a reference will rapidly decline due to the datedness of the information.
What emerges, in spite of their datedness, are a series of powerfully relevant reflections on the nature of humanity, inhumanity and justice.
A rereading of many of her books for young people reveals the expected datedness of terminology and tone, but these stories continue to speak to the same human concerns of society's outsiders today as they did more than fifty years ago.
Contract notice: Planning contract m3 vEisEirosnameny (m34 forking interchange) - the section between the border (beregdarEc) study plan (tt) datedness review of environmental impact assessment (eia) and a detailed feasibility study (rmt), road safety impact assessment (kbhv) preliminary archaeological documentation i ( i erd), and the preparation of documentation required by government regulation trail mark (nykd) subject.
As an example of the datedness of the approach, consider this passage from an attempt by the author to assess the sonnet "Carrion Comfort": "[Writing] is one way of holding, and not abandoning, the hermeneutic circle.
It also neglects a considerable amount of recent research on the Boulangers, including materials from the American Music Research Center/University of Colorado's symposium on "Nadia Boulanger in America" (held in 2004), leading to a datedness in its approach.
Neither can anything be done about the datedness of some of the contributions, giving the collection the character of a medieval world map in which information of different periods is presented side by side.