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Synonyms for dated

Synonyms for dated

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marked by features of the immediate and usually discounted past

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1%) indicated both the complexity of language of articles and datedness of articles got in the way of them using research.
Yet there's a curious and palpable sense of datedness to much of Two Cheers for Anarchism.
It seeks to reveal a certain erosion of constitutive values, ones long in development, ones hard fought for in war times and in domestic struggles and, almost always, only tentatively won, values that truly must be held firmly even while undergoing searching scrutiny, and ones contemporarily all but excluded from serious deliberation because of their alleged quaintness or datedness.
At the same time, it is the inadequacy and incompleteness of the primary text and its undeniable datedness that weaken the primary text and raise the secondary text to be the continuation of a previous glorious, albeit historically limited, attempt.
For those who keep abreast of current affairs, any analytical shortcoming will be exacerbated by an annoying datedness.
And yet, it is precisely in view of the film's datedness that the concept of "articulation" becomes such a vital resource for the unearthing/uncovering of how certain meanings produced in very specific conditions may resonate within another cultural and historical moment.
While the essay's datedness may seem like a limitation at first (the 1970s claim that "character has not been an effective concern of current criticism" [35] requires heavy footnoting in 2011), Arac develops a nuanced notion of interiority based on ghostliness in Hamlet and Little Dorrit.
22) This datedness can provide literary historians with important cultural vestiges formerly neglected due in part to prejudices against marginal texts.
Projecting these images in sync with the present effectively allows their datedness to come to the fore.
If we are lucky, any datedness will appeal to a customer who wants a period look.
While being "dated" and being "ahead of her time" seem at first descriptors at odds with one another, the apparent datedness of Stettheimer's art in the 1930s--perhaps best characterized in her four Cathedrals scenes (produced between 1929 and 1942)--may help explain its reacceptance as "camp" in later years.
For the health workers, their self identification as 'leprosy worker' may be a badge of honour and a source of pride but, for other interests within the organisation, this association becomes subject to counter claims of redundancy and out datedness which undermine efforts of self-empowerment by the leprosy workers.
Undaunted by the datedness of the law and the sometimes helter-skelter sequence in which topics are discussed, the authors provide much of value.
JJH: To me, Faludi showed her datedness in that piece.
Yet, the theoretical universe to be worked in, which was identified by taking into consideration the improvements in the field of methodology and up to datedness, consists of 324 doctorate dissertations written in the field of education sciences between the years 2003-2007.