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that can be given a date


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The sheer range of topics on offer makes for some passages of compressed summary, which synthesize existing research, but the text also contains much that is new and engaging, particularly in the six interchapters, which analyse specific and dateable media 'events'.
Examination and coring of the buried peat stratigraphy below landslide deposits, and in sand blows, may ultimately yield a dateable record of tectono-geomorphic activity.
Atgazis, too, notes that even taking into consideration the flourishing economic conditions and migration processes of the 8th century, the number of graves traditionally regarded as dateable to this century is too large, and might indicate population influx (Atgazis 1994).
Another example of futuristic Utopian speculation of human self-transcendence and the creation of heaven on earth is found on the Hedonistic Imperative website, which greets visitors with the sweeping declaration that "genetic engineering and nanotechnology will abolish suffering in all sentient life," so that "the world's last unpleasant experience will be a precisely dateable event," (32) after which human beings will live in a state of perpetual bliss.
The style is known to have existed in Rome and Campania in Italy and is dateable between 15 and 10 B.
18) Both the language of Magnyfycence and its thematic concern with the (mis)use of rhetoric suggest that it was composed close in time to Speke Parrot, which is dateable to 1519-21.
The oil painting, dateable to around 1775, the year Stubbs began exhibiting at the Royal Academy, surfaces at a private collection at Christie's in London on November 22.
Evidence of past storms can be found in back-barrier sediments: When a storm washes sand over the dunes and into back bays and marshes, it forms dateable layers in the muddy sediments.
Several of them are positioned beneath mud-wasp nests, and are thus potentially dateable (Roberts et al.
Such a history does not seek stable sequences of dateable events, but rather seeks to attend to the significant shifts that come about when people and things interact in different ways.
21) Obscure as she was, Wilson's gendering of trans-generational politics is indicative of the beginnings of a new mass movement in female political consciousness amongst working class women which is quite accurately dateable to late 1819/early 1820.
The first dateable description, then, of the logo as an airstrip appeared in the July 1967 issue of Readymix Report:
They are filming an episode of Would Like To Meet, the BBC makeover series that takes single no-hopers and transforms them into attractive, confident sex gods and goddesses - well, dateable beings at least.
The Thomist must leave all the particular, dateable assumptions of the powers of lower forms by higher forms as a brute, inexplicable fact.
The 18-year-old was named the most dateable 'stud' of the year by society magazine - Tatler - but his older brother William did not even make it into the top ten.