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that can be given a date


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12; neither are they illustrated in the cross-referenced Dated and Dateable Manuscript Borders.
Visual assessment of such images can also reveal dateable "events" recorded during skeletal growth ("stress bands"; Hudson et al.
Given the exceptional preservation of the dateable, stratified, layers within the structure, the team also expect that the pottery will form part of an important assemblage for establishing more secure regional pottery chronologies for the 7th and 8th centuries AD.
14) The sense of the term 'invented tradition' includes 'both "traditions" actually invented, constructed and formally instituted and those emerging in a less traceable manner within a brief and dateable period (.
This was the extraordinary anthropomorphic Diquis stone deity figure from Costa Rica, dateable only vaguely to sometime between 1000 and 1550.
Ages on bone are also excluded due to potential problems of post-depositional contamination of different dateable fractions and the uncertain contributions of marine and terrestrial carbon to diet (Taylor 1987).
Homes Dudden surmises that the latest dateable evidence suggests that "the completed work is certainly later than the autumn of A.
Generally, Ramadan writes in a gauzy prose bereft of references to named individuals, dateable events, or determinate causal processes.
Cutesy iPad and flashmob scenes suggest opportunistic fad association more than genuine pop-culture proficiency, which could explain why the script seems so clueless about the logistics of actual "sex friends" relationships, which tend to dissolve around the time a dateable third party comes along.
Examination and coring of the buried peat stratigraphy below landslide deposits, and in sand blows, may ultimately yield a dateable record of tectono-geomorphic activity.
Atgazis, too, notes that even taking into consideration the flourishing economic conditions and migration processes of the 8th century, the number of graves traditionally regarded as dateable to this century is too large, and might indicate population influx (Atgazis 1994).
Another example of futuristic Utopian speculation of human self-transcendence and the creation of heaven on earth is found on the Hedonistic Imperative website, which greets visitors with the sweeping declaration that "genetic engineering and nanotechnology will abolish suffering in all sentient life," so that "the world's last unpleasant experience will be a precisely dateable event," (32) after which human beings will live in a state of perpetual bliss.
Her children wear historically dateable, ordinarily commercial swimsuits, which are at the center of her photographs, and often the brightest and most optically complicated parts of her images.
The style is known to have existed in Rome and Campania in Italy and is dateable between 15 and 10 B.