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stamp with a date


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Mr Davies added: "This stretch of railed fencing is date-stamped 1904 and surrounds a standard agricultural field.
And he wants the licences of anyone coming to live here date-stamped on arrival.
Because DiaryPRO time- and date-stamped each entry, Depomed was able to confirm that the patients complied with the protocol and recorded their assessments at the appropriate times.
Date-stamped, they're already being described as collectors' items of the future.
A new date-stamped and personalized Peer Review Rating icon is available for law firms to download and add to their Web sites and marketing materials, providing assurances to prospective clients that the rating for any given lawyer is valid and current;
The new HOBO U9 Motor On/Off and HOBO U9 State loggers provide a simple and convenient way to record up to 43,000 equipment on/off cycle or state changes, and use Windows-based software to convert the recorded data into time- and date-stamped graphs.
He failed to provide accurate clinical information regarding a patient's blood loss to paramedics and emergency room physicians, altered the operating room record on a patient after initiation of a malpractice suit, and at an unknown date subsequent to the patient's death, removed a chart note and created and falsely date-stamped a replacement note.
The combination of 'corporate memory' from the KALIDO software and analysis from BusinessObjects Enterprise 6 provides both an accurate and date-stamped audit trail of past performance changes and a detailed view of current performance across the entire enterprise.