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stamp with a date


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These meters also have advanced features such as auto-recognizing polarographic or RDO optical dissolved oxygen probes, 2000 data point memory with time and date stamp, RS232 and USB interfaces and selectable settings to meet your needs for readings, response, accuracy and repeatability.
If systematic miscoding of the CPAA modifier were responsible for changes in hospital quality noted with date stamping, then hospitals which coded more complications as present at admission would be more likely to be reclassified as higher quality hospitals using the date stamp models compared with the "no date stamp" models: coding complications as present at admission would increase the apparent severity of disease and increase the hospital's predicted mortality rate.
The Bishopmark, or date stamp, was introduced by the first Postmaster General, Colonel Henry Bishop on 2 August 1661.
This data includes a time and date stamp, as well as a recorded fill weight.
Progressive's new RF series of date stamp and ID inserts remain flush during operation while enabling installation of the date ring from the parting line.
1997) investigated the extent to which the Dartmouth-Manitoba adaptation of the Charlson index misclassified complications in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting surgery (CABG), pacemaker, and hip fracture surgery (n = 7,187) using an administrative data set with date stamp information.
Glamour articulated merely by current fashion carries a date stamp, but by backdating his subjects to the '80s, Cobbett insures them a kind of pedigree (no matter how counterfeit).
Postal Service into the electronic messaging arena with a time and date stamp to verify e-mail delivery.
All patient interactions are automatically recorded with a time and date stamp, and patient data is automatically downloaded to a secure website for evaluation by physicians, clinical teams and care managers.
A recent Milan installation by the Florentine artist Luca Pancrazzi deconstructed this notion: five desks each held five small aluminum boxes, each containing a date stamp, these too cast in aluminum.
The date stamp is made from Corrosion-resistant steel of 50 to 55 HRC that withstands temperatures up to 302 F.
Integrated into the OnGuard Access Control system, audit trail and reporting capabilities are available, as the assignment and removal of access rights are recorded with a time and date stamp as well as the identity of the user.
Postcard Date Imprint mode lets users select a date stamp that can be imprinted in the corner of a picture.
Because its messages are sent with a time and date stamp, NextMail provides a quick and easy means of communicating the status of current jobs or projects.
The consumer will then mark the images to print, including quantity, paper type, vivid photo and date stamp.