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belong to an earlier time

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Archaeologists found coins and five copper buckle belts similar to those worn in London during the Middle Ages, and estimate they date back to the period between 1250 and 1450.
The Victorian arcades date back to the mid-1800s in their present guise but, according to some historians, there have been trading arcades there virtually since the city was first populated.
The unearthing of fragments of pottery believed to date back to 3,000BC could shed new light on a period of the Neolithic Age which experts admit they know little about.
BEIJING: An almost complete human skull fossil that could date back 100,000 years has been unearthed in China, the China Daily said yesterday, hailing it as the greatest discovery since Peking Man.
Heart-stopping glamour, outlandish pageantry, small armies of stylists, even the mad rush for fashion freebies all date back to the early days of Oscar, according to Bronwyn Cosgrave in her new book "Made for Each Other: Fashion and the Academy Awards.
Nerd, 1951 The first nerd might date back to 1951, but the year before, Dr Seuss published a story called "I Ran the Zoo" which featured a picture of a "nerd".
A SERIES of rare engravings which are believed to date back to the end of the Ice Age have been discovered at a cave in Somerset.
The tradition is thought to date back to the early 14th Century, when the Lord of the Manor encouraged locals to go out and forage in the surrounding countryside to gather what they could to survive the bitter winter.
The posters, which date back as far as the 1930s, are expected to fetch between pounds 300 and pounds 800.
Private-sector dance organizations, such as Dance Masters of America, date back to the mid-1800s, and some studios date back to long before that.
The remains of other rice paddies considered to date back to almost the same period had previously been found in the northern part of the southwestern main island of Kyushu.