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that can be given a date



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The site's building activity is datable to two separate periods, one indicated by a mud-brick ritual structure and the other by three schist sanctuaries, as well as other buildings.
The argument and documents adduced in this chapter support Bagnall's earlier assertion that for two reasons "the inherit probability of finding many Christian books truly datable to the second century is very low" (65): (1) prohibitive cost and (2) the weak institutional base of the Church in the second century that precludes having the monetary wherewithal to purchase books.
Among the highlights is a double leaf from one of the earliest accurately datable Korans, endowed to a religious foundation in Tyre (Lebanon) by the Abbasid governor of Syria in AD 876.
It seemed like a great way to meet nice, smart, potentially datable guys.
Spier writes, the early Christians 'were slow to express their religious beliefs pictorially, and no churches, decorated tombs, nor indeed Christian works of art of any kind datable before the third century are known".
However, none of the older sites included datable human remains, and questions linger over the accuracy of the artifact dates.
A chronologic typology depends on a sequence of safely datable specimens to which others can be compared, and such a corpus proved impossible to establish due to the problematic nature of the source material.
Having in effect signed a resignation datable at their pleasure, he must meet with them quarterly for a whole day and report to them on the state and trend of the business.
Somewhat surprisingly, this discussion includes material datable to the fourth century, well beyond the defined period of the volume.
As Bernhard Rieger shows, European designers were well aware that the "ultra modern" one day would be the very datable sign of obsolescence the next and that product lines existed to be improved.
The Kangxi Emperor's Southern Tour, Scroll Three: Ji'nan to Mount Tai, Qing dynasty (1644-1911), datable to 1691-1698.
A few mafic magmatic events may not be datable directly, although with continuing advances in U-Pb and [sup.
A pro-hunt campaigner who stormed the House of Commons and heckled MPs has been named as one of the UK's 'most datable men'.
A: According to historians of cartography (mapmaking), the first datable picture map is a six-foot-wide wall painting (above) from about 6200 B.