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that can be given a date



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Venus Disarming Cupid,'' datable to circa 1560, depicts Venus, in a playful gesture, taking away the bow of her son Cupid, so he is unable to deliver his arrows of love.
Steve Roud emphasizes that this is not to say that they originated in print, but that the broadside is a reliable and datable source.
but Hamdulab seems by date to be the earliest datable representation of a king wearing one of the recognizable crowns of the ruler of all Egypt, engaged in a labelled royal ritual.
3rd-8th century) and continuously thereafter through the Ghurid (12th-13th century) and Kart (13th-14th century) periods, what remains today is principally datable to the 15th-century reigns of Timur's descendants, (7) having been extensively conserved by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture during the last several years.
No datable remains were found, only slingstones, querns and stone pestles and mortars, which suggests that, unlike many hillforts in North Wales, this site was not reoccupied in the late Roman period.
After background and overview, they cover Chinese export porcelain and Western society, the Chinese porcelain industry of the 18th century, datable motifs on Chinese export wares of the 18th and 19th centuries, and the value of datable Chinese export ware.
All pages are up datable via a central self-managed, easy to use tool, which means you can do your own website updates at no extra cost.
The Israeli daily said that Assad informed Americans that 98 percent of the datable issues between Damascus and Tel Aviv have been settled during the different stages of negotiations between the two countries.
external events, datable entertainments, fashionable clothes and decor all create a Louis-Philippean ambiance" (154).
My current project is to design a medieval aisled royal hunting lodge authentically styled and datable to 1180.
This is a big claim, but one belied by the Florentine Picture Chronicle and Marco Zoppo s Rosebery Album (both British Museum, London), datable to the third quarter of the fifteenth century and consisting of a series of highly finished drawings evidently intended for educated, humanist patrons rather than their artists' own workshop purposes.
Furthermore, he provides new musically informed thoughts about proto-blues and the earliest, datable blues of the 1890s and the 1900s, and they demand the most considerate of scholarly responses.
Comprising drawings, collages, wallpaper, paintings, and sculpture, the show commingled what some might consider datable and distinct concerns: the head-on affront to abuse played out on the bodies of women; a formal investigation of the organic boundary between abstraction and figuration (and the perversity this exercise yields); and, more recently, a forceful inquiry into racism and sexism as encoded within (and obfuscated by) public policy.
He concludes that "the inherit probability of finding many Christian books truly datable to the second century is very low" (24).