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In summary, SAARMS is a stand-alone database program with certain inherent limitations caused by lack of full interoperability with all units involved in the budget process.
The database program cyclically assigned one of the sub-surveys to each student so that each only responded to about one third of the items described below.
March 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Considering the immense growth in the number of companies using the Internet to distribute corporate, product and human resources data, there ought to be a truly affordable, online database program that can be installed, customized and maintained in-house, with no programming knowledge necessary.
If you are using the ORCAD Schematic Capture program for your wiring diagrams, you can create coded wiring drawings with the cable codes accessible by an external database program through the use of several OrCAD utility programs.
0i Prospect Database program, which represents the first fully operational component of the new, browser-enabled version of IBS's property management and accounting system.
The database program is simple to operate in that users simply have to point and click the mouse to display the information.
Lotus 1-2-3 provides cross-tabulation capability in conjunction with Approach, the LotusSuite database program.
And this fall, she intends to thoroughly learn her database program so she can use it to track who is and who isn't reordering her cream - a guidebook for increasing repeat business.
Fetch is a multiuser, mixed-media database program for cataloging, browsing through, and retrieving digitized media on the Apple Macintosh.
Back Office is five pieces of software, including a database program, Web publication tool and collaboration product similar to Lotus Notes.
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