database management system

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a software system that facilitates the creation and maintenance and use of an electronic database

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Excellent technical reference books are available to explain database management systems, but it is often better to consult business periodicals that present contemporary market changes in software technology.
Before selecting any database management system, it is a good idea to have in mind for whom the data are being gathered and for what purpose.
The company's Object Database Management System (ODBMS) serves as the core database for fraud detection, yield management, real-time data collection and analysis, operation support systems (OSS) and other large-scale applications in the telecommunications, financial services, transportation and defense industries.
To do this, vendors need a fully functional database management system to host the data, accompanied by the new advanced search features supplied by Entier to quickly and efficiently manage and find their music, pictures, video and other content in a more personalized and powerful way.
In a recent study of enterprise customers, purchasers of Mac OS X are significantly more likely to be considering database systems than customers not running Mac OS X with 23 percent considering purchasing a database management system," said Michael Kelly, chairman and chief architect of Techtel Corporation, a technology market research firm based in Emeryville, Calif.
Sybase, in June, announced the general availability of its flagship relational database management system (RDMS), Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 12.
a developer of multi-user, multi-value database management system (DBMS) software, has signed a letter of intent to acquire General Automation's (GA) database business for $6.
The relational database management system (RDBMS) marketplace is large and growing, with more than $15 billion in worldwide revenues in 2005, according to industry analyst IDC.
This solution leverages the power and flexibility of Aradyme's next-generation database management system in extracting and analyzing data from virtually any system, and automates the transformation and loading of that data into an ISV's application.
The Infobionics Cellular Database Management System (CDBMS) is designed to deliver unparalleled agility, flexibility, and search characteristics for query intensive applications found in businesses where getting the right data at the right time and performing quick easy analysis can drive the decisions that make a business profitable.
EnterpriseDB Advanced Server is an enterprise-class relational database management system (RDBMS) that is compatible with applications written for Oracle.
OTCBB:ANTS), a leader in compatible, high-performance SQL database management systems, today announced it has signed an agreement with Mascon Global Limited (www.
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