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The ACM Software System Award will be presented to Gerald Held, Michael Stonebraker, and Eugene Wong (all with IBM Almaden Research Center) for their creation of the INGRES database management system, and to Donald Chamberlain, James Gray, Raymond Lorie, Gianfranco Putzolu, Patricia Selinger, and Irving Traiger (with the University of California at Berkeley) for their System R database management program.
A fixed form database management program may either allocate blank space for potential characters in a field or limit the amount of information to be stored in each field.
Integrated Disk-based Data Support - Disk-based data capability allows for storage of both highly transactional as well as persistent data in a single database management program.
A database management program and a bibliography maker, Pro-Cite organizes references and formats bibliographies automatically.
a database management program available on many microcomputers.
The online application program and database management program were created in cooperation with the State Judiciary, the Volunteers in Public Service to the Courts program and eHawaii.
The Biblio-Link allows records retrieved from a research on a SilverPlatter CD-ROM database to be transferred into pro-Cite, PBS's bibliographic database management program.
It is now loaded to the limit with 20 Mbytes of memory; two word processing programs (one I prefer for editing and the other for writing); a database management program for business performance analysis, mailing list maintenance, and small dbase design projects; and a modem, my most precious link to external online information sources, and to several clients with whom I communicate extensively through electronic mail.
Albert has also co-founded two successful software companies, Nashoba Systems and Attain Corporation, where he conceived and led the design of In Control, an award-winning project planner and organizer, and FileMaker, a best-selling database management program.
MenuLink came to the rescue implementing a full outsourcing data collection and database management program, to help us in the transition," stated John Laporte.
Headquartered in Newport Beach, Southern California, HMC is the leading provider of travel industry paid consumer membership and database management programs.
Ron Sacks-Davis, Managing Director, InQuirion Pty Ltd, was awarded for his work in creating large-scale information retrieval and text database management programs.
Oracle has held on-and-off merger talks with Apple over the years, and its chairman, Lawrence Ellison, has long let it be known that he would like to add Apple's lineup of personal computers and software to Oracle's market-leading lineup of corporate database management programs.
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