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a database in which relations between information items are explicitly specified as accessible attributes

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Retraining in the importance of accurate data entry, including the database field option for "Left Blank", would improve overall data accuracy by more than 3 percent.
FOR THOSE WORKING WITH CRYSTAL REPORT WRITER, NOW A PRODUCT OF Business Objects SA, a problem frequently encountered is how to format objects, be they text strings, formulas or database fields.
The degree of change in the online database field may be indicated by the fact that this group considered only three types of databases--bibliographic, full text, and directory.
com) are among the recognized leaders in the database field.
The export feature will create a spreadsheet file with each database field in a separate column in the spreadsheet file (each database record will be in a separate row).
Card additions are handled through a database field.
With a straightforward database field match process, it avoids tedious data entry and saves considerable time.
LiteDAC offers a choice of Delphi field types that will correspond to a database field type.
The more highly capable products come with large base vocabularies and automatically incorporate the database field names in the domain-specific vocabulary.
PostgreSQL also permits the creation of User Types such INT and REAL as arrays or arrays of arrays, and allows them to be used as the Type for a Database Field.
com, as well as a published author in the Database field.
MapForce then renders the schema as a sub tree of the database field for direct mapping with disparate data formats via its visual drag-and-drop interface.
Aronoff has become a well known author in the software development field, particularly in the database field with his best selling book, frequent publications in trade magazines, conference lectures and keynote speaking engagements.
They are a premier player in the private database field and we are glad to be part of it.
Cognos Report Studio enables easy design and modification of reports, while Analysis Studio allows users to slice and dice and drill down into data, and to create their own reports, by dragging and dropping database fields, adding formulae and generating graphs.
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