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(computer science) one of the circular magnetic paths on a magnetic disk that serve as a guide for writing and reading data

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At roughly 200 um tall with a repeating frame distance of 100 um, a single servo band can provide information necessary to position many data tracks.
SDLT media reserves the entire front side of the tape for data tracks, while three optical servo tracks are pro-written on the back of the tape during the manufacturing process.
The low performance reads and writes data tracks that are identical to those produced by higher performance Ultrium drives--it just does it more slowly.
Tape backcoating formulations will continue to have features such as texture, compressibility, and static reduction required to reduce wound-in debris and tape layer slippage and to protect servo and data tracks.
Linear tape technology utilizes a recording method in which the data tracks are written in a linear pattern on the tape.
The servo signal is a series of sine waves which provides precise feedback to control the position of the read/write head on each of the 192 data tracks across the width of the tape.
Because Blu-ray Disc media's data tracks are quite narrow even in comparison with DVD media, precise, stable interaction between the laser and the recording material is especially critical to ensuring error-free recording and playback.
This design innovation, the placing of magnetic data tracks on one side of the tape and indelible optical guidance tracks on the other, provides increased storage space on the magnetic side of the media.