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a cylindrical tower used for storing silage

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military installation consisting of an underground structure where ballistic missiles can be stored and fired

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This doesn't happen because of lazy salespeople, it occurs in the data silo environment because getting the correct and comprehensive view of the franchisee is nearly impossible.
Download "The Data Silo Breakdown: Achieving Optimized Customer Engagement" at http://www.
governance policy across data silos is also becoming paramount, the market has
Stuart (Centre for e-Research at King's College) foresees such a role, but librarians will need to keep up with developments in embedded semantics, data silos, Dublin Core, the Resource Description Framework (RDF) and a host of other phenomena.
BlueConic connects disparate data silos so marketers have all their user data in a single place, creating a comprehensive profile on each individual user and creating customized, highly-relevant interactions that can be delivered in real time.
To be fast, you have to break down the data silos yourself.
8220;From day one we have been storage agnostic and had a vision that Enterprise File Share and Sync has to work across vendor data silos as enterprises need a common data control point.
It is amazing to see the clinical and operational value that hospitals create by eliminating data silos and integrating existing technologies, which makes AOI especially proud of Stillwater Medical Center's ongoing innovation," said Jason Whiteside, vice president of AOI.
In contrast, the GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric enables companies of all sizes to transcend the world of application-specific data silos without the need to 'rip-and-replace' applications or data stores, and delivers gains in speed and scale by orders of magnitude, which are critical to the real-time enterprise.
Delaware Valley is a great example of a hospital that is eliminating data silos and contributing to the advancement of patient care by connecting to a RHIO," said Marc C.
20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- AMTdirect, the leading real estate software provider to retailers, healthcare systems and universities, today announced the release of a new function, Transparent Data Access (TDA), that eliminates data silos and enables informed decision making.
Increasing concerns about data storage, and the risks associated with data loss, due to the use of disparate products that created data silos across locations resulted in a complete change in the company s data management processes.
Contrasted with many other systems that work off an outdated database of record, the universal data model combines the various systems and applications involved in the production process, eliminating data silos and the need for duplicate or staggered data entry.
Attendees will learn how business users, developers and administrators can do more with their Big Data and human-generated content by breaking down data silos quickly and efficiently.
Chief Information Security Officers should not treat huge data security in isolation, but need policies that encompass all data silos if they are to avoid security chaos.