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the rate at which circuits or other devices operate when handling digital information

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Currently, a 15,000-RPM disk drive can achieve maximum throughput of around 100 MB/sec and can sustain data rates of around 75 MB/sec.
Given these statistics, it should be obvious that video conferencing from home, using current technology, requires the widest broadband connection we can get and some techno tricks to lower the data rate.
Wireless interconnects need to be rethought to provide easy-to-use connectivity at multi-gigabit data rates serving large file transfer and high definition multimedia streaming applications for consumer electronics, medical and computing devices," said Ruud van Bokhorst, Director of Standardization with Philips.
From a technology standpoint, the limits of device capacity or even data rates are not yet evident and are now expected to continue indefinitely but at varying rates of improvement in the years ahead.
We are pleased with the 10 Gbps data rates achieved for our multi-frequency band system.
For that price customers receive a drive with 10GB of native capacity and 1MB/sec data rate performance, along with features usually limited to more expensive solutions, such as read-while-write data verification.
As a result, the time needed to transfer protocol information decreases as the synchronous data rate increases.
With four channels each running at 10 Gb/s, the QSFP is the most practical solution for 40 Gb/s applications such as quad 10 Gb/s Fibre Channel (10GFC), quad 10 Gigabit/s Ethernet (10GE) and 4x quad data rate (QDR) InfiniBand.
TriQuint's new GaAs amplifier enables designers to achieve high efficiency and low power enhanced data rate (EDR) v2.
5 million in additional funding under the second phase of DARPA's Advanced Speech Encoding (ASE 2) program to develop a noise-robust, ultra-low data rate vocoder for more efficient and effective radio communications.
The PETracer Gen2 Summit includes support for the new data rate of 5 Gb/s per lane.