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a small light typewriter

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easily or conveniently transported


of a motor designed to be attached to the outside of a boat's hull

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5 million user visits per month across its client network, Madgex anticipates benefits of the structured industry-standard data format and the use of open protocols to increase data portability and secure transfer and aid job seeker acquisition, matching and profile freshness.
With more websites requiring personal data to work effectively, data portability is one way to give website owners access to social features that can draw in more traffic while letting users synchronize their profiles and friends lists across different sites.
He added, "This partnership is also in-line with Microsoft's aspirations for ensuring open connections, enhancing data portability, support for industry standards and open engagement with the industry - the four pillars of the Interoperability initiative.
Microsoft said its new principles include ensuring open connections, promoting data portability, increasing support for open connections, and fostering closer ties with the "open-source community.
Such equipment could give academics amazing data portability power.
Among other standard features and benefits of the control system are said to be sub-cycle repeat programming for copying standard and saving them as templates, a full color trend plot screen with large memory, a smart media card interface for test data portability, smart sensors that communicate their status to the touch panel at power-up, and more.
Founded in 1995 as a developer and manufacturer of powerful portable data storage solutions for PC and Mac desktop and laptop computers, Amacom has succeeded in becoming a leader in the portable storage market through its range of high quality, innovative solutions for disaster recovery and data portability for both business and consumer users.
In addition to conventional data backup and archiving storage applications, DVD discs also provide data portability and data distribution for contentrich applications such as digital video clips embedded in PowerPoint presentations.
The customer will benefit greatly from the robust file interchange and data portability available across multiple platforms," said Steve Hammond, vice president of sales and marketing at MDI.
Rubrik encapsulates all data with rich servicespolicy, security, automation, access control, compliance, and searchto achieve ultimate workload and data portability across any environment, said Bipul Sinha, co-founder and CEO, Rubrik.
The StorageX product suite from Data Dynamics eliminates multi-vendor storage silos, providing enterprises with an intelligent, policy-based, file storage management platform to empower data portability, usability, and insight for business agility and operational efficiency.
To ensure that cloud users get system interoperability, data portability and reversibility, the Commission proposes that necessary standards should be identified by 2013.
This is data portability at its best and it's something we strongly believe in at Mimecast.
Vint Cerf, a co-designer of the Internet's TCP/IP protocols and considered a father of the Internet itself, has emphasised the need for data portability standards for cloud computing .
lt;p>Facebook has its own identity and data portability service called Connect that lets people sign-in to other sites with their Facebook log-in information and re-use some data from their Facebook profiles.