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Synonyms for bus

the topology of a network whose components are connected by a busbar

a car that is old and unreliable

send or move around by bus

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ride in a bus

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remove used dishes from the table in restaurants

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This provides a data path to the LUN using HBA 0 and Controller 0 as well as any SAN networking elements, such as switches and hubs that implement the data path.
The gateway needs to sit in the middle of the data path in order to intercept and interpret data as it transverses open systems and mainframe environments.
Technical Demonstration Programmable Data Path Processor Solution - Demonstration showcases full interface line rate running on a Xilinx Virtex-7 All Programmable FPGA.
If so, your data path may be in the 700-1,500 kbps range in both directions.
When considered early in the design cycle, the QuadPort DSE family shows its strength as a communications data path manager because its combination of logic and memory creates a non-blocking switch architecture.
Wintegra's software set covers the emerging trends in carrier Ethernet for mobile backhaul, business connection, and consumer broadband aggregation, and equipment manufacturers have to like their approach of including data path protocols without additional cost.
With the FlowThrough Security Architecture, OEMs for the IP Storage and high-performance network equipment markets can place security processing directly in the data path, greatly increasing system efficiency and eliminating significant strain on the processor.
This distributed management function is not in the data path (referred to as out-of-band) and all I/O is performed directly from the server application to the disk.
CHANNELink support for connections between AS/400s and 3494 Tape Library Dataservers includes tunneling the RS-232 control path over the same wide-area circuit as the OEMI data path, eliminating the need for an extra link for the control path.
They pioneered the integration of SAN management services into automated libraries, offering built-in SAN security, integrated data path verification, redundant path support, error recovery, and performance optimization.
Additionally, Wellfleet offers users network configuration flexibility by supporting two user-configurable data path selections for forwarding outbound traffic over a Multiline Circuit's individual WAN links.
Integration of the core is made easier for developers by delivering it with everything needed to for immediate use: one of two different PHY physical device layers and data path queuing elements (FIFOs).
Additionally, these appliances also create a single point of failure within the data path which, in turn, affects application availability.
This change extends the performance of the WinPath1 family by more than doubling the processing capability for the Data Path.
In essence, all performance-critical storage and bandwidth-intensive processing is completely offloaded from the management processor, resulting in a highly optimized data path.