data multiplexer

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a multiplexer that permits two or more data sources to share a common transmission medium

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Charles Marsh, vice president of sales for Alcatel-Lucent's North America major account, said that the 1665 Data Multiplexer solution will enable Deltacom to expand its network reliability, throughput and capability and reduce costs as it expands its SONET network across not only its Tier-1, but also its Tier-2 and Tier-3 markets.
DiviTrackXE is a multi-channel system featuring DiviCom encoders, the MN20 digital video remultiplexer and the DataTrack data multiplexer.
5 Gbit/s transponders; the clock synthesizer, data multiplexer and the clock recovery, data demultiplexer chips (TTRN012G5 and TRCV012G5); the ATM port controller (APC); the PayloadPlus(tm) family of network processors and the PI(tm) family of protocol-independent switch fabric solutions, including the PI-Scheduler and the PI-ATM layer processor.
Contract Awarded for integrate new data multiplexers in defence hf sys
DNE supplied its rugged, reliable voice and data multiplexers on the original MRC-142 program in 2002.
One radio input is provided for continuous recording of transmit and receive audio from the primary VHE Special data multiplexers allow recording of 16 data inputs at one-second intervals.
Future plans for our network include possibly adding voice over data multiplexers to transmit inter-office voice and fax calls via the 56 kb/s circuits.
Each location uses integrated voice and data multiplexers (IVDMs) to connect the personal computers to the network.
Products include slip rings and slip ring assembles, video and data multiplexers, and fiber optic rotary joints.
The other two T1 channels are used to connect General DataComm's T1 Megamux statistical data multiplexers between the three locations.
Solutions encompass Harmonic's award winning DiviCom encoders, video and data multiplexers, and network management systems.
Solutions encompass the award winning DiviCom encoders, video and data multiplexers, and network management systems.