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  • noun

Synonyms for latency

the condition of being temporarily inactive

Synonyms for latency

(computer science) the time it takes for a specific block of data on a data track to rotate around to the read/write head

the time that elapses between a stimulus and the response to it

the state of being not yet evident or active

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For RN-acquired vital signs, data latency averaged two hours and 48 minutes, compared to less than one minute when using the Motion C5 for point of care documentation.
In EMEA, 41 percent cited regulatory burdens, followed by data latency (31 percent) and front-middle-back office integration (27 percent).
Corvil, pioneer of electronic trading and market data latency management systems, was founded in 2000 and operates from New York, London and Dublin.
Additionally, the platform enabled NongFu Spring to bypass the traditional IT maintenance and data latency issues by synchronizing data from SAP and other heterogeneous data sources instantly into SAP HANA.
Homeland security, Customs and Border Patrol, Rail/Port/Truck/Yard/Terminal Operators, 3PLs, Enterprises, Suppliers and Customer users will now have access to new sources of factual data, eliminating bad data, data latency and 'versions of truth' to make better, faster and smarter decisions.
Under the GFO-2 contract, Ball Aerospace will upgrade the payloads, as compared to the original GFO satellite that was launched in 1998, with a dual frequency radar altimeter, and provide enhanced radio frequency interference immunity with significantly reduced data latency.
iX-Direct shaves hundreds of milliseconds off data vendor transmission times allowing traders to achieve unrivalled data latency performance levels without the usual high cost of ownership.
According to the report, OBS "uses cloud computing and virtualization technologies to provide services for its bank clients and their clientele in a high availability production environment with no data latency - a vast improvement over expensive client-server heartbeat failover or rebuild scenarios that take hours.
These challenges include managing rising market data volumes, minimizing data latency in order to effectively execute their trading strategies, differentiating their services to their end users and gaining access to high-quality global content.
a leading provider of electronic trading marketplace solutions, today announced the launch of Latency Monitor, its latest product designed to manage order flow and market data latency, and one of few products in the marketplace that can provide network administrators with end-to-end latency profiles for their e-trading infrastructure.
Jeff most recently served as senior vice president of products and services at InfoDyne, a provider of ticker plant technology, feed handlers and market data integration services specializing in reducing data latency through direct connectivity to exchanges.
This next-generation technology eliminates backhaul, lowers data latency and delivers the industry's network vision for 4G cellular.
FRANKFURT and LONDON, December 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Corvil, a leading provider of electronic trading and market data latency management systems, announced that Deutsche Borse Systems, the IT subsidiary of Deutsche Borse AG, has successfully deployed a precision latency monitoring and reporting service for Xetra and Eurex market participants that provides for the first time a full range of latency statistics based on microsecond distribution measurements for both order and market data on Deutsche Borse's new data interfaces Enhanced Broadcast Solution and Enhanced Transaction Solution.
The solution pairs DMExpress, with professional services and training specifically tailored to eliminate the performance bottlenecks that cause data latency and impede timely access to mission-critical data.
LONDON & NEW YORK -- Corvil, provider of electronic trading and market data latency management systems, today introduced several new capabilities in CorvilNet, the company's market-leading latency management system.