information superhighway

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an extensive electronic network (such as the internet) used for the rapid transfer of sound and video and graphics in digital form

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000 kilometer long data highway between Tallinn and Frankfurt to offer significant speed and capacity.
La configuracion para el protocolo de comunicacion Data Highway plus y el panel view 1000 se con la lista de productos disponibles con los que cuenta el software y tambien se activara un boton llamado catalog & Revision Numbers, que sirve para la comunicacion de los protocolos a utilizar y su conexion.
The data memory will be refreshed every time & data of interest of management will be sent to a pc through simple Ethernet data highway.
All 15 masted and tow vehicles, which also came on line in 2004, are tied into the same data highway as the reach vehicles.
Graphics cards got around the bottleneck by using their own high-speed data highway but PCI Express will bring them back by offering speeds of up to 4,000 MB/s.
Five malt houses at the site are fully integrated into one infrastructure with the process in each controlled automatically and linked together on a single electronic data highway.
All of the computers are interconnected via a super-fast data highway with a total interconnect bandwidth of 12,500 GB.
The 2100 series provides intelligent signal conditioning including both analog and digital I/O and RS422/485 communications on the Data Highway.
These cards can be for alternate I/O systems (Profibus, DeviceNet, PC-board I/O), communications cards (additional serial ports, Data Highway Plus card, Ethernet card), device interfaces (motion cards, proprietary interfaces), or other cards.
The lighting layout is diagonal to the building plan to allow maximum flexibility for the layout of the bookshelves and computers, the computers data highway is distributed via a 3m square grid built into the floor slab, access to the ducts was aided by the use of carpet tiles to all floors.
Today, however, walking in the city has given way, for those who have the means, to surfing on the electronic data highway, leaving unnetworked others immobile and ghettoized in their 'banlieue'.
If the controllers are from the same or compatible vendors, it will be possible to link them together through a communications package such as Data Highway or Ethernet.
The data are transmitted over an Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus network to several personal computers in plant offices.
Even further down the road, entire satellite courses could be conducted via QuickStream/3, a prospect that would surely delight those who would prefer to ride the data highway rather than sit in a real traffic jam.
As a data highway that would also be used for speech and multimedia, our network called for a multi-service platform based on ATM technology," says Weiler.
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