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Synonyms for federated

Synonyms for federated

united under a central government


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Our Smart Data Federation strategy and server roadmap are further evidence that Informix is committed to fitting the solution to the customer, not the customer to the solution, through best-of-breed products and technologies that drive truly open, integrated environments.
Data Federation, however, shares, manages and updates contact data among multiple services to greatly reduce these burdens, and to ensure that data remains current for seamless global communication.
Alternatively, Jaspersoft data federation enables real-time blending of data from Big Data and other data sources without moving the data.
Sybase Data Federation: Data Federation streamlines the integration of data from many distributed sources while providing standardized access to integrated views of data through a single data layer.
With CONNX and its data federation and replication capabilities, iiONE is focused on seamless access and fast delivery of data.
Under the agreement, Brio announced support for Cohera's Data Federation System (DFS), an enterprise middleware product that enables companies to have a single, unified view of data stored in multiple back-end systems.
McNab, responsible for product data provisioning and with a current focus on data federation and virtualization, will provide a business sponsor's perspective of the many benefits--both anticipated and unanticipated[?
Data Federation, a new cloud communication infrastructure also available from July 30, enables unified management, sharing and updating of employees' contacts, address books and addresses.
By marshalling any information anywhere in the enterprise or beyond via SAP HANA smart data access technology, the company is delivering on the promise of real-time analytics via data federation at an enterprise scale, helping ensure that complex business questions are answered no matter where the data resides, at the speed of business.
DSI recognizes people and organizations who have exemplified EHR modernization capabilities in data federation, presentation, and interoperability.
DMTF and CCSA will collaborate on relevant cloud standards development by utilizing best practices and feedback from both groups, with a specific emphasis on the specifications being developed by DMTF's Cloud Management Working Group, Cloud Auditing Data Federation Working Group and Network Services Management Working Group.
TED controls data location through simple-to-configure policies , thereby reducing the need for data federation and streamlining systems management.
SMEStorage provide a hybrid cloud file server that can be used on Cloud or on premise and that features sophisticated desktop and mobile clients, and Cloud Governance and data federation features.
Linhares was instrumental in development of Pfizer's Research Information Factory (RIF), global reference data implementation, introduction of data federation and other enterprise data integration projects.
Latest version adds heterogeneous data federation, increases reliability, and includes new developer features.