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a utility program that organizes the input to a computer

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These include visual scanning of the data, utilizing a data entry program such as QPL or SPSS[R] and then listing missing data for each case in the database.
Additional components include: Application Origination, which is the data entry program enabling personnel to enter information about applicants, co-applicants and the requested product; Analyst, which enables loan officers to review, evaluate and decision an application; and Verification, the program which allows institutions to verify critical application information, such as employment, outstanding debt and bank or credit references prior to credit approval.
following were the main activities completed in the last three months: (i) seven months of the survey fieldwork was successfully completed (Jan-July); (ii) data entry program for the
ProBusiness was one of the first payroll services providers to make its customers' W-2 data available for download into our tax return software, using the Intuit Instant Data Entry program," said Tom Allanson, senior vice president of Intuit's Consumer Tax Division.
The data entry program also can provide for automatic skipping of a question or questions.