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a container that holds a magnetic tape used for recording or playing sound or video

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The company makes data cartridges, data cassettes, floppy and
is the world's leading seller of floppy disks and optical disks, as well as a top manufacturer of memory cards, recordable CDs, reel tape, data cartridges and data cassettes.
The company manufactures and markets the DataLife and Teflon(TM) coated DataLifePlus brands of floppy disks worldwide, as well as Verbatim brand QIC, 4mm and 8mm data cartridges and data cassettes, Verbatim brand 3.
The E-Systems products covered by the patent include the DataTower(R) archive, a phone booth size structure that can store nearly 6 terabytes of data (1 terabyte equals 500 billion pages of text); the DataLibrary(R) archive, which can store up to 10,000 terabytes; the technology that drives the high-speed tape drive; the system software; the D2 data cassettes storage media, which pack as much as 25 gigabytes on a VHS-size cassette.
is the world's leading volume producer of floppy disks, as well as memory cards, recordable CDs, rewritable and write-once optical disks, reel tape, data cartridges and data cassettes.