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Through secondary analysis of publicly available data, the HARC Data Bank is the only known data bank dedicated solely for examining county-level health data for rural Colorado.
It went on saying that other organizations could also make use of the data bank to get familiar with the Arab region's oil industry.
The Kansas City Star analyzed National Practitioner Data Bank records from 1990 through 2010 of physicians who have had payments made on their behalf in Kansas or Missouri for malpractice claims and who have not been disciplined by the state's medical board.
At present, the government does not have any proper data bank of such students.
A 2001 report by the same office documented that 84 percent of managed care organizations reported no adverse actions to the data bank between September 1990 and October 1999, concluding that the relatively small number they actually reported (715) constituted nonreporting.
February 2002 brought more bad news as he received a letter the from the National Practitioner Data Bank saying Northwest Health reported to it that his privileges were revoked for incompetency, which wasn't the case.
The 1998 red oak data bank is a valuable research tool and, I believe, is still the only data bank of its kind that is publicly available.
The Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank (HIPDB) "is intended to help curtail fraud and abuse and to promote quality care," explained Cynthia Grubbs, acting deputy director of the division of practitioner data banks at the Health Resources and Services Administration.
In addition, providers who are reported to either data bank are automatically sent a copy of the report.
NIST has completed production of a new Protein Data Bank (PDB) CD-ROM set of the macromolecular structures of proteins and nucleic acids and the corresponding experimental data.
Since 1999, California has spent millions to eliminate a huge backlog of untested offender samples at the state lab and get them into the data bank.
The Health, Welfare and Labor Ministry said Friday it will expand its Internet-based job listing service and make the data bank available to mobile phone users beginning March 7.
New services include the following: airframe and power plant license verification, professional license and certification verification, Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank check, National Practitioner Data Bank check, Nurses Aide Registry check, Office of Inspector General's Exclusion List check, DOT Drug/Alcohol Test verification, DOT Substance Abuse Questionnaire, Federal Debarment List check, controlled substance search, death certificate search, sexual offender search, and national driving record check.
The idea of maintaining a data bank of federal, state and local information on foreign visa holders was supported by Rep.
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