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an official prosecutor for a judicial district

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These are typical comments from the respondents to R&D Magazine's recent data acquisition survey of more than 1,200 researchers.
Testing sequences and data acquisition can be accomplished directly from the microprocessor, or an additional measure of versatility and data analysis can be achieved by linking a second level computer.
Professional services include: dashboard development, proof of concept designs, data acquisition and DataFunnel[TM] optimization, dashboard design, architecture and integration training as well as CenterView[TM] training.
Data acquisition modules are commonly used to perform measurement, monitoring, control or simulation of real-world signals such as temperature, pressure, vibration and strain.
Addi-Data now provides Microsoft Windows users with solutions for their real-time data acquisition and process control applications.
He will help enable Hertzler to build an even stronger position as the real-time enterprise data acquisition and analysis systems software leader.
The editors of Sensors presented gold, silver, bronze, and honorable mention awards to 14 exhibitors in eight categories: Sensors, Sensor Components, Peripherals & Interfaces, Special Materials, Data Acquisition Products, Communications & Networking Products, Control Products, and Technologies.
National Instruments is excited to provide embedded developers a comprehensive solution for monitoring power consumption on their designs at a great value," said Kristi Hobbs, NI data acquisition product manager.
HOUSTON -- OYO Geospace (Nasdaq:OYOG) today announced that the Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting (BGP), one of the world's largest seismic data acquisition service contractors, entered into a $7.
Data Translation announces MATLAB(R) support for the new DT9836 series of simultaneous analog input multifunction data acquisition modules for USB 2.
SEATTLE -- NAT Seattle and Star Navigation Systems have joined forces to bring a complete data acquisition, monitoring and transmission system to airlines.
Ramtron believes that its business combination with Goal will enable the company to accelerate its product development plans for analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs) and provide customers with an expanded portfolio of FRAM-enabled data acquisition, signal processing and microcontroller devices.
CiSCO is a leading provider of high quality Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) and Data Acquisition and Handling Systems (DAHS) to monitor process gases, flow, and opacity for EPA regulatory compliance and process control at power plants.
NET compliant tools that allow engineers to control data acquisition board functions and provides math and graphing functions for use with Microsoft's Visual Studio.
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