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The compact ISIS 5 module, which is sixty percent smaller than previous SensArray data acquisition modules, acquires temperature data from SensArray Process Probe instrumented wafers, with up to 17 sensors.
Depending on the application, most data acquisition systems utilize a variety of modules to acquire a wide range of data.
Exhibit 2: Global Data Acquisition Solution Market by Product Segmentation 2011
MES addresses operational issues such as process data acquisition and management, document control, quality management, finite scheduling, resource allocation, and labor management.
The shear stress at each step is then recorded at a specified programmable data acquisition rate.
Historically, differences in the prototype vehicle and data acquisition methods often meant that these groups were working with inconsistent models, possibly reaching conclusions based on incompatible data or test results.
The DAQtionary2000 Data Acquisition Catalog and Software Demo CD contains complete catalog information, as well as demonstrations of the company's spreadsheet-style software.
Three lower-cost units support a minimalist approach to data acquisition.
LABTECH and Jandel Scientific have developed a user-friendly high-speed link (SigmaLAB(TM) Link) that allows real-time scientific data acquisition to be easily and instantly available for analysis and publication-quality graphics.
NYSE:A) today introduced a series of multifunction data acquisition (DAQ) modules and instrument chassis that offer increased bandwidth for multiple I/O operations coupled with ease of connectivity and hot-swappable connections.
Ardence, the global leader in developing software platforms for the on-demand world, today announced that Addi-Data, German manufacturer of PC-based solutions for industrial measurement and automation, joined the RTX Embedded Driver Partner Program and now provides RTX drivers for most of its PCI and CPCI data acquisition boards.
a leading provider of real-time enterprise data acquisition and analysis systems today announced that Tom Albrecht has been appointed Vice President of Business Development, effective immediately.
KORE Wireless, a provider of wireless access services, enables CriticalWireless' remote monitoring, control and data acquisition solutions for such applications as emergency standby power systems, water/wastewater facilities, data centers, agricultural equipment, and public safety installations.
The editors of Sensors presented gold, silver, bronze, and honorable mention awards to 14 exhibitors in eight categories: Sensors, Sensor Components, Peripherals & Interfaces, Special Materials, Data Acquisition Products, Communications & Networking Products, Control Products, and Technologies.
National Instruments is excited to provide embedded developers a comprehensive solution for monitoring power consumption on their designs at a great value," said Kristi Hobbs, NI data acquisition product manager.
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