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Being able to wield a weapon deftly and confidently is a sure sign of courage, leading to "fame" for a courtier, although dastardliness with the weapon results in "reproche" and "shame.
It is, therefore, not a story about 'Iranian dastardliness,' the evidence from Dura shows the universal horror of war.
Those pushing the show--which, like the book, follows a complicated plot that does not shy away from the unsavory dastardliness of its villains--must try to warn away children who may be too young for the subject matter while avoiding the overemphasis of the tale's darker elements.
Nothing--no act or idea--is beyond him, and his dastardliness is without degree: Criminology stops short of Hannibal the Cannibal, analysis stammers its excuses and psychiatry just bounces off (under sodium pentothal he merely recites exotic recipes).
But unlike those films, or previous, high-concept serial-murder comedies like Man Bites Dog, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, and Serial Mom, which have a quasi-immature dastardliness that offsets their deconstructible artfulness, American Psycho is grown-up to the max.