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any of several small ungulate mammals of Africa and Asia with rodent-like incisors and feet with hooflike toes

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bovis BCG (8) but not between these strains and the dassie bacillus or M.
Dassies are critters that resemble a guinea pig-sized koala.
Apart from Table Mountain, with its 1,400 species of flowers, baboons, dassies (large rodents) and countless birds, some of the world's best surfing beaches are within a stone's throw of the city.
In albei gedigte word verwys na dieselfde dinge: In Psalm 104: water, wilde esels, voels van die hemel, veld, gras, diere en plante, bome, voels wat hulle neste maak, die reier, klipbokke, dassies, en dan daardie leeus; in Achnaton se Himne: water, insekte, slange, "the heards in their meadows, cattle and every sort of small beast," voels wat vlieg of hul neste maak, bome, die veld, en dan daardie leeus wat van Egipte af Palestina toe geloop het.
Tourists armed with binoculars line the cliffs, where you'll also see curious hairy creatures called rock dassies which look just like hamsters on steroids.
Hyrax droppings, we hear, and we see hyraxes - dassies - later in the day: too much like oversized grey guinea-pigs to be credible as the elephant's closest living relative.