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any of several small ungulate mammals of Africa and Asia with rodent-like incisors and feet with hooflike toes

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bovis BCG (8) but not between these strains and the dassie bacillus or M.
However, we found that not every species of carrion fly at the dassie carcass had orchid pollen on it.
He then deceives his wife, the Dassie, and step-daughter, the Porcupine, by telling them that //Kwammang-a and the Ichneumon have been devoured by the lions.
The combination of euphoria and guilt when hunting a dassie made his sight "slip, whip, skim/ .
The Dassie and the hunter; a South African meeting.
BROOKINGS - Monique Tribble had 24 points and Dassie Dorland had 13 to lead the Red Devils.
I am not surprised to hear that dates for the dassie droppings, built into fantastical dirty black stacks, go back thousands of years: the lengthy radiocarbon chronology of habitual and orderly shitters.
mungi and the Dassie Bacillus, which infect African mongooses and hyraxes, respectively (11,12).
Londt' (NMSA); 2$ 'South Africa / Grahamstown / Dassie Krantz / 1.
Parkington observes of some of the narratives that they are "clearly not simple creation stories because a wide range of animals (porcupine, dassie, blue crane, baboon, meerkat, springbok) already exist and participate in these early events.
Having secured the splendid Springbok piece with Farloe Chinook last month, they were back for the Cearns Memorial Trophy on Saturday, and sprang a 14-1 upset with Farloe Zorro who, like their champion novice hurdler, came via Dassie Loughery's Limavady range in Co.
never gotten results like I have with HMB," said Shawn Dassie, an
tuberculosis complex phylogenetic tree exist, the dassie and oryx bacilli, causative agents of tuberculosis in the animal species after which they are named.
a whale plunges back into the waters off the coast of South Africa; Bars and restaurants lining the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront in trendy Cape Town; gRock dassie & Hermanus's colourful houses; Radisson Waterfront; Impressive rainbow over the Victoria Falls; Rovos Rail's Pride of Africa stea'ms out of town
In Africa, Biesele (1974) reported 'that the syrupy urine of the dassie or rock hare was used as a binding agent for pigments in rock paintings'.