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a loose and brightly colored African shirt


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MONTHS LATER, one night on the subway, I found myself sitting next to a large, oval-shaped man in a dashiki and kofia.
Scenes of Ghanaians dressed in basketball jerseys, African-born Rastafarians speaking with Jamaican accents, and African Americans dressed in dashikis drive his point home: While those from the Diaspora traveled to Africa, "in their eyes, a land of enduring wisdoms .
The costumes ranged from dashikis and church-best whites to modern garb, while the musical selections-again, soundtrack style--varied from a traditional prayer to an infectious Ursula Rucker song.
Back then, black college campuses were a sea of Afros, dashikis, and African artifacts, symbolizing the importance of an African heritage and a shared identity.
Applying this psychological model allows us to cut through prescriptions such as that dashikis, large-hooped earrings, and kinky hair represent dressing in 'the black way,'" Lewis says.
In the ornate ballrooms of the Doubletree Hotel, men and women in dark business suits mingle with others in relaxed sportswear, Black Muslim caps, and African dashikis.
Trinidadians paid much more attention to male clothing, which had undergone considerable change from the business suits or casual shirts and trousers of the 1950s and 1960s to the dashikis and vest tops that exposed the male body.
Another table boasted handcrafted dashikis - African costumes consisting of shirts, ponchos or robes and kwafis - pillbox-style hats.
In 1969, in response to a call for a new political party based on socialism, Duberman writes that: "The sources and manifestations of the revolution lie elsewhere--in a bewildering grab bag that includes hallucinatory drugs, bisexuality, communal pads, dashikis and bluejeans, rock and soul, Eastern mysticism, Scientology, encounter groups, macrobiotic foods, astrology, street theaters and free stores.
My AA friends seem to know everyone here--their easy greetings are interrupted by Yoya; she escorts us through the elbow-to-elbow crowd past musicians in white suits or in T-shirts and jeans, in dashikis and modish north African hats.
When ethnic fabrications, dashikis, and headwraps first appeared on the fashion scene a few years ago, many people thought that they were merely fads that would last a season or two.
In this hilarious 60 minute, self-styled monologue, Sinbad revisits the days when dashikis, afros, bellbottoms, platform shoes, and collars "wide enough to take hang gliding" were the hit.
Patterson also explained how as a result of knowledge, she became comfortable with wearing African influenced dashikis, corn-rolled braids, and afro/natural hairstyles.
Although none of the examples in Moos' series conjures up images of turban and head wraps, such inspirations do appear at New Pilgrim during Black History Month when church members celebrate their roots through dressing in dashikis and head wraps that bespeak a symbolic homecoming.