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a loose and brightly colored African shirt


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That was the sort of thing that made Dashiki different.
wore dashikis and gave power handshakes to the male Lords" (Nelson 2000: 162).
Abdulmutallab, 24, came to court wearing a dashiki, an African gown, and black skull cap and was silent as he settled at the defense table.
I was sorry to see the dashiki go, however, and I never saw it again.
Retailers also might want to consider healthful but nontraditional base formulations, notes Rashid Oberoi, president of Dashiki LLC, Houston.
I didn't know what was going on, and then later I was tapped on my shoulder, and I looked and there was this person wearing a dashiki [an African brightly colored loose-fitting garment], and he said, "Could you please get us the floor?
And we go down into the place where all the food is, and there's the beautiful Jesuit in a dashiki from Zimbabwe with the best pizza.
Comemos curry hindu o sukiyaki japones, vestimos un dashiki o kimono sin tener ninguna pretension de comprender las culturas que los originaron.
It was in Old San Juan's Bombonera restaurant, in 1977, when I spotted the traditional straw hat and signature dashiki worn by the man sitting at the counter.
MONTHS LATER, one night on the subway, I found myself sitting next to a large, oval-shaped man in a dashiki and kofia.
The preview available at press time introduces characters like a vegan woman clad in a t-shirt emblazoned with the "Meat is Murder" slogan; a chunky Caucasoid lad--adopted from South Africa because the family apparently wanted a black child--clad in a dashiki and a Mother Africa necklace; and a starved vegan dog.
Some were concerned I might be a little 'militant' for the Tribune," said Page, noting that his look back then included a lot of hair, a walrus mustache, a goatee, a dashiki, and jeans.
I turned around and there was Father, walking down the aisle, African walking stick in hand, dressed in a dashiki and other African garb.
She tried the purple dashiki again, then the severe black knit sweater with the bell sleeves, but neither of those worked.