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a loose and brightly colored African shirt


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Trinidadians paid much more attention to male clothing, which had undergone considerable change from the business suits or casual shirts and trousers of the 1950s and 1960s to the dashikis and vest tops that exposed the male body.
The shy son of a Mississippi maid abandons his chemistry career to join the civil rights movement, perfects the mau-mauing of whites, exchanges his dashiki for a pin-striped suit, and then scratches backs (and stabs them) to become one of America's most powerful mayors.
In 1971, Barry, frequently dressed in the uniform of the revolution, dark glasses and Dashiki, ran for the board, pledging to "get rid of some of those teachers who are not teaching' and telling high school students that "in order to get rid of unemployment in the United States, you must get rid of capitalism as it operates.
When Ashtray meets Dashiki (Tracey Cherelle Jones), an unmarried mother of seven who has slept with every man in the neighborhood, her children all pipe up in unison, "Are you my daddy?
Night Rider I don't look like no Klansman but I think like One Though I still wear a Dashiki My heart is covered with A white sheet I have fantasies involving Lillian Gish I struggle with these Me and my white hooded Friends share the same Obsession You know the one I don't look like no slave But I think like one I hold Caucasians to Higher standards than I Hold myself I'm incapable of Reaching such moral Heights.
In the 70s I saw many of today's forty-somethings when they were lured by Black Consciousness politics and the fashion of unkempt hair, colourful Dashiki shirts and ankle-length boots.
who turned the magic fire hose on his dashiki and turned it into one of them irish spring soap commercial prep school sweaters .
I'm telling them you are here," he says, dressed in a long red dashiki and matching trousers.
They're filming a sketch in which Howery mistakes his character not as the black-clad Power Ranger but as a Black Power ranger who disrupts production of the "Power Rangers'' TV show by thrusting his fist in the air and strutting around in a dashiki.
Swim collections consist of playful bikinis, one-pieces, dashiki cover-ups and casual, multi-functional dresses, all in Hoffman's signature prints and often featuring unique detailing such as beading or embroidery.
Coupled with NUFF, both student-led movements re-engendered the consciousness of university and high school students, respectively, and the afro and dashiki with their related calls of "Back to Africa" and "Black is beautiful" bombarded the streets.
The 26-year-old finally caught the attention of music blogs this past June with "Huzzah," a track that transformed the obscure beat from paranoid New York rappers Goretex and Necro's 2003 song "Scumbags" into a sing-along house party anthem--Drunk drivin' on a Wednesday, with three bitches in the MPV, After seeing the video--in which eXquire rocks a dashiki, gold teeth and his X-Clan-worthy stack of bead necklaces--underground rap Svengali El-P tweeted at him: "Respect.
Abdulmutallab, 24, came to court wearing a dashiki, an African gown, and black skull cap and was silent as he settled at the defense table.
They started dressing Sean in a dashiki for big occasions, such as Passover and Yom Kippur.