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edible starchy tuberous root of taro plants

herb of the Pacific islands grown throughout the tropics for its edible root and in temperate areas as an ornamental for its large glossy leaves

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In vitro micropropagation of white dasheen (Colocassia esculenta).
Simmering on her stove is a savory broth of fish, pumpkin, carrots, dumplings, and ingredients known as "ground provisions" that include dasheen, sweet potatoes, and green fig or unripe bananas, along with pots filled with rice and chicken.
Coconut, green and yellow papayas, tamarinds, jack fruit, mangoes, bananas, plantains, bread fruit, ackee (a fruit), dasheen, callalou leaves, banana leaves, pineapple, passion fruits, lobster, red snapper, reef fish, conch, tomatoes, pumpkin, corn, curry, allspice, bay leaves, nutmeg, cinnamon, habanero peppers, seasoned peppers and coffee are some of the common signature foods in the islands that you'll find interpreted in different ways, adds Andersson.
And when it comes to the evening meal, why not ring the changes and swop roast potatoes for roast yam, swede for dasheen and cabbage for saag and enjoy a meal with a real Afro Caribbean twist?
Examples of new and traditional recipes will form part of the presentation, and visitors can expect to be educated in the ways of traditional Jamaican foods, such as ackee fruit, breadfruit and dasheen.
Another virus, Dasheen Mosaic Virus (DMV), is common worldwide among cultivated aroids (Zettler and Hartman 1986), is transmitted by aphids, and is not restricted to taro as a host.
At walking speed and resolution, I can identify elements that airphotos do not show: an illegal dasheen plot, for example.
For example, WIs prepare daily cultural staple foods like yams, breadfruit, sweet potatoes, dasheen, and eddoes cassava to name a few of the ground provisions (tuberous roots) whose chemical compositions are still not fully known.
Never breadfruit or dasheen, none of those basic foodstuffs the poor have to make do with as an accompaniment to their codfish and salt pork.
Calaloo is a thick soup made of dasheen leaves, okra, crab, or pig tail with seasoning mixed in coconut milk.
Dasheen and Lambie Soup (Taro Leaves and Conch Soup) Dasheen are young leaves from the taro root (we substitute collard greens or Swiss chard).
25: DASHEEN (W J Lee, 10-1) 1; Not A Bad Oul Day (5-1) 2; Rosin Box (14-1) 3.
Gillespie hit the crossbar at Navan on the first day of April when 25-1 outsider Go Forty Go's brave front-running effort was thwarted by Seskinane and he had to settle for an honourable second, but she went one better at Tipperary when Dasheen delivered.
Follow the locals for inexluxuries, pensive, tasty one-pot dishes of broth or pilau rice, with exotic veg like christophine, dasheen and breadfruit - washed down with cherry, golden apple or sorrel juice.