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write down hastily

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Vaughan faces the prospect of a mad dash down the M1 when pregnant wife Nichola informs him the time is right.
Alastair and Geoff will be in position just before Mulsanne as cars and drivers line up for their 260mph dash down the famous straight.
But Vaughan's dash down the M1 has only been possible because of New Zealand's generous attitude to the situation after they have agreed to England's request for a substitute fielder in the captain's absence despite there being no provision for childbirth in the Laws of Cricket.
Which would you rather do--make a frantic dash down the aisles of the local pharmacy or stroll the galleries of an art museum?
The controlled drift through the turns was masterfully done, perfectly executed for the dash down the straights.
After John and his class had waved the lads off it was a cross-country dash down to Ayrshire - and the welcome was just as good.
Paddy's Day Dash Down Greenville 5K, this Saturday, March 11 at 8:30 am in front of TwoRows Restaurant at the corner of Southwestern and Greenville Ave.
IF it actually was his last act as a Liverpool footballer, Fabio Borini's 15-minute cameo and dash down the tunnel last Sunday was dramatic.
Substitute Gylfi Sigurdsson lashed home from distance in stoppage time to make it 3-2, leading his manager to dash down the touchline in celebration.
Officers rushed his Ford Focus and smashed a window but the 21-year-old rammed his way past them before making a dash down an alleyway.
Griffin was forced to dash down the street with a bodyguard.
This can be seen by the way engineers have pushed the dash down and forward with a large glass area.
The workers will be involved in the 2009 duck dash down the Grand Cascade at Alnwick Garden, which is raising money for the Grace House North East Children's Hospice Appeal.
They dash down to the synagogue on the day of the wedding to discover she's tricked the groom and his family.
DARREN Purse will never forget his days as a schoolboy fan of Millwall when he would play on a Saturday morning and then dash down to the Den in London.