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write down hastily

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The two summer Major winners are set for a thrilling dash down the final straight to snatch Lee Westwood's crown as Europe's No.
BLUEBIRDS goalkeeper David Marshall said he hoped his post-match dash down the Wembley tunnel had not come across as arrogant.
Linford Christie wouldn't have beaten me in the dash down Fleet Street to the nearest betting shop.
First the epic journey,/the last mad dash down a mountainside,/arriving hollow-eyed and sunburned,/then this room.
WAS would be on stage at 10pm and if Boro finished the job early then a quick mad dash down the road and I could almost make the start.
The deadlock remained until the fifth minute of the second half when Bressington, having just been hauled down five yards from the line after a superb 80 yard dash down the touchline, landed a 30 yard penalty goal.
With seeming nonchalance, I walked through the door marked 'Ladies,' automatically noticing that my 'tails' were still behind me, then made a frantic dash down the stairs and out the lower exit.
Cue a quick dash down the street and proof for Svennis, if it were needed, that he has one striker who is fully fit.
There then followed a mad dash down the M62 with Singh being delivered at Bankfield at 1.
It will mean a late-night dash down the A1 on Monday as Rachel doesn't want to take time off work from her job in the marketing department at Newcastle Building Society.
Alastair and Geoff will be in position just before Mulsanne as cars and drivers line up for their 260mph dash down the famous straight.
Which would you rather do--make a frantic dash down the aisles of the local pharmacy or stroll the galleries of an art museum?
The controlled drift through the turns was masterfully done, perfectly executed for the dash down the straights.
Svensson's creativity down the right produced the first threat of the match but his third-minute centre following a dash down the right was negated by Luis Boa Morte, tracking back into his own area.
After John and his class had waved the lads off it was a cross-country dash down to Ayrshire - and the welcome was just as good.