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fish-eating bird of warm inland waters having a long flexible neck and slender sharp-pointed bill

a person or other animal that moves abruptly and rapidly

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The food and feeding relationships of five sympatric darter species (Pisces: Percidae) in Salt Creek, Hocking County, Ohio.
There are few records of the endemic yellowcheek darter in the state; it is known historically from only six sites in four headwater tributaries of the upper Little Red River drainage above Greer's Ferry Lake in Cleburne, Searcy, Stone and Van Buren counties (Raney & Suttkus, 1964; Robison 1980; Robison & Buchanan 1988).
The snail darter, Percina tanasi (Etnier), was discovered in 1973 in the Little Tennessee River, Tennessee, and at that time no other populations were known (Etnier, 1976), The species was subsequently listed as endangered in 1975.
Another cause of the population fragmentation was poorly designed low-water road crossings that block Niangua darter movement.
Darter recalled the inexpensive fun of outings at the church following World War II.
We spoke about the details of the snail darter case, and I forwarded them an article thoroughly explaining the economic facts of the case.
We're looking at 50 to 80 containers a week from the two centers," said Darter.
Similarly, a new population of tiny snail darter fish was recently located in a tributary of the Tennessee River.
Funds also will be gathered at the local level, as policemen will be told to write $50 "Public Churlishness" tickets and slap them on the windshields of any cars carrying a bumper sticker reading "Nuke the Whales" or "Screw the Snail Darter.
A WELSH darter enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime sporting experience when he won the chance to pit his skills against world No.
Significant progress has been made in conserving and restoring some of the region's rarest species, including the Tennessee purple coneflower (Echinacea tennessensis), the Okaloosa darter (Etheostoma okaloosae), the Tulotoma snail (Tulotoma magnifica), and the Alabama lampmussel (Lampsilis virescens) .
HUDDERSFIELD darter Wayne Holland landed the magical nine-dart finish during a Huddersfield Summer Darts League game at the Elephant and Castle (writes David Lockwood).
Cypress Creek has a fish fauna of at least 83 species including one endemic, the crown darter Etheostoma corona Page and Ceas (Gooch, 1971; personal observation).