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a circular board of wood or cork used as the target in the game of darts


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If I'd had a dartboard at school I might have learnt maths so that subtraction was second nature.
Coun John Clancy spent five minutes or so of planning committee time giddily enthusing over the notion that a pub was to be re-opened and then frivolously getting the committee to vote on whether to ask Greene-King to install a dartboard to please his friends.
Modern pubs are so obsessed with fancy food menus and soft furnishings that they neglect the most essential ingredient of them all - the dartboard.
The Winmau Pro Bully Dartboard is selling at pounds 14.
The following Friday (July 11), the Roy 'Pop' Jones Carling League Cup and the Alan Reader Worthington Cup semi-finals and finals go ahead with again two dartboards in use.
Game Parlor pool tables, dartboards and table tennis -- no game room will be complete this season without the addition of these featured items: Soft tip dartboards including two-player electronic dartboards ($99) and four- player cricket and dartboard game with sound effects ($349).
The Preserve our Dartboards Birmingham, or PODBRUM, initiative was launched on Facebook by Coun John Clancy after he complained about the diminishing number of watering holes where he could enjoy a game of arrows.
Dartboards had him in the bullseye, effigies were being made, and his front window was smashed, as the little winker took the rap for our national side's inadequacies.
South Wales Fire & Rescue says the removal of items such as snooker tables and dartboards is a bid to boost public perception of the service.
Unicorn have produced one-off dartboards for year's tournament at the Reebok Stadium from June 4-6 oa(live on Sky Sports) and we have two to give away.
There's no Latrell Sprewell dartboards, just things you'd expect (jerseys, pullovers, books and videos, plus collectibles), along with items from the WNBA.
Many variations of typical revenue-generating entertainment such as pool tables, foosball tables, and dartboards could also be found in abundance.