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a circular board of wood or cork used as the target in the game of darts


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It was the second time this month that DART board members had heatedly debated plans to take on nearly $1 billion in debt for the Cotton Belt line.
It was a great surprise when at Christmas I got a free-standing dart board which I can take down or move around when I need to so I'm over the moon with that.
The research behind the campaign found that just over half (53%) of British pubs have a dart board and just one in 10 Brits has enjoyed a game of darts in the past year.
Most of the students in Gina Simpson's fifth-grade, Kathy Pickett's fourth-grade, and Amy Benedict's sixth-grade classes were able to show that the given dart board would allow all the scores from 0 to 9 (fig.
For example, in a dart board the color wheel can go in several directions therefore using complementary colors in this lesson.
Coun John Clancy (Lab, Quinton), who is campaigning for more dart boards in pubs, said: "We have received a letter from Greene King confirming that they have designated space for a darts area in the Baldwin.
They shouldn't have too much trouble tempting people back to the game - the report shows that 56% of the Welsh are nostalgic for the sport and would play if they had the chance, and their local pub reinstalled a dart board.
Of the 1,318 pubs in the guide, published today, 364 had a dart board.
Seven members of the 12 strong planning committee backed his proposal and now the brewery will be getting a formal request from Birmingham City Council that it introduces a dart board.
DARTS fanatic John Carberry is leaving life the way he spent it - facing a dart board.
Plasticine proved to be an unpopular choice but in the '30s in conjunction with Kent pub landlord Frank Dabbs, a dart board made with tightly-bound bristle was designed.
A concerned-looking Ian O'Malley interviewed Karen's husband, Tom, whom Karen has turned into a national dart board.
AC MILAN hope to lure Fabrizio Ravanelli back to Italy - with a dart board.
massive bulls-eye on a dart board, a huge hole on a golf course, etc.
In Quinton, the ward he represents, Coun Clancy said he had been forced to move from pub to pub as they were refurbished, only to re-open minus a dart board, or turned into flats.