darning needle

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a long needle with an eye large enough for heavy darning or embroidery thread

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slender-bodied non-stinging insect having iridescent wings that are outspread at rest

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In the US, children who lie or swear are warned the Devil's Darning Needle will stitch up their mouths.
When I've used all my materials, or the rug is large enough, I tack the end of the braid, using a darning needle with heavy-duty thread.
AS AN amateur detective, I'm deeply intrigued by the extraordinary tale of the darning needle that passed through Derek Thompson's foot, and of the dedication to duty (as well as to the fee involved) that persuaded him to drive across country for a commentating gig at Sedgefield with the offending item still unwithdrawn.
Niamh" claims her mother stabbed the newborn baby to death with a darning needle after she gave birth to the tot when she as just 11-years-old.
It has also emerged that gardai will not be asking for an exhumation order for the body of the 1973 tot "Noeleen" who Niamh claims was her daughter - allegedly killed by her mother using a darning needle.
Other items include a darning needle from the girls' workroom and a blazer button, bearing the inscription "Turner's Hospital", dropped from a resident's jacket during the time when the trustees provided free outer clothing for the almspeople and schoolchildren.
For a cloth garment use a darning needle threaded with the lacing.
I remember one housemaid, a pretty girl called Jean Braithwaite, getting a darning needle in her knee as she cleaned.
Then that awful structure in Cardiff Road that looks like a cross between a javelin and a darning needle could be removed and replaced by Tommy's statue ``just like that''.
Position fabric shape on rice paper and score an outline 1/4 inch outside the fabric with a darning needle (a).
It was a bit like attacking a knight in armour with a sharpened darning needle and about as effective.
DEREK THOMPSON spent last night in hospital after an injury caused by a darning needle forced him to give up his commentary shift at Sedgefield.
You could not buy five pairs of socks for pounds 1 in Primark 60 years ago, so when heels disintegrated out came the darning needle and they were fixed.
Gardai suspect their mother, who the daughter has accused of killing the baby girl with a darning needle in 1973, 'probably knew' about the abuse and sent her children to bed with her husband so she didn't have to suffer painful sick sex herself.