darning needle

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a long needle with an eye large enough for heavy darning or embroidery thread

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slender-bodied non-stinging insect having iridescent wings that are outspread at rest

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In the US, children who lie or swear are warned the Devil's Darning Needle will stitch up their mouths.
A case of self introduction of a darning needle in urethra of a 12 year old boy for suicidal purpose is not previously reported and hence exclusive.
He has some fascinating stuff in there, including a fine collection of Robinsons golliwogs, nice old books and more china thimbles than you could shake a darning needle at.
When I was a kid, pomegranates were the only fruit you had to break into your mother's sewing kid for a darning needle in order to eat.
Turn in the sock's edge and, with the cotton yarn and darning needle, do a running stitch around the opening.
YOU don't have to be the sharpest darning needle in the box to be a TV lifestyle guru.
Thread a darning needle with copper wire, tying a large knot at one end and start carefully adding the leaves.
Using a large darning needle and a length of simulated sinew, sew this row of feathers in place around the disc, threading through the small holes you drilled as shown in Figure 3.
I had a girlfriend once who got me to do hers with a darning needle and two pieces of ginger,' he offered.
Later, as I need to add to the strips while braiding, I sew the ends with a darning needle and #8 thread.
Once upon a time there was a darning needle who was so full of airs and
There's a darning needle, of course, a threader, a hemostat (the instrument doctors use to put in sutures), and an Army survival tool-- "You know, the kind that has pliers, a hole punch, a can opener, and a leather punch," Rowe said.
The book's violence is contained in its title, and even more so in the cover illustration of a Roman darning needle implanted in a human pupil.
With molds such as paper cups, loop one end of the wick over a wire suspended across the top of the mold, then thread the other end through a large darning needle and push the needle through the bottom of the mold at the middle of the cup.
A small sea snail," he declared, "cooked and then prised out of the shell with a darning needle.