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a person who mends by darning

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Aside from the reality that 120 feet is some 35 miles off the coast, Darner had other hesitations about fishing that depth in his 21-foot boat.
Thus, as recommended by Darner (2009), the program incorporated students' and community members' cultural knowledge and traditions, and used intervention methods appropriate to the specific community, as part of autonomy support.
Gross's attention to detail makes Darner and her world present and accessible.
In the Capanda Cacuso Agro-Industral Hub, Biocom is a partnership between the state, through the National Agency for Private Investment (ANIP), Sonangol Holding, Angolan group Darner and Brazil's Odebrecht.
Roy Darner, "Sox Slate 10 Games in Milwaukee," Chicago Tribune, October 31, 1967.
The Southern Riffle Darner Notoaeschna sagittata has been recorded in the Bend of Islands, 30 km north-east of Melbourne.
Various local species, along with their cousins, the damselflies, have telling names like ebony jewel-wing, amber-winged spreadwing, red damsel, red bluet, orange bluet, violet dancer, spotted blue darner, sand dragon, calico pennant, blue pirate, green jacket, ruby meadowfly, goldenwing, and red saddlebag.
Reading fluency is defined as the ability to read connected text with speed, accuracy, and proper expression (Bursuck & Darner, 2011).
Another common winter migrant insects the Green Darner in September and migrate south.
To his surprise, Bob thoroughly enjoyed watching that close game with a Notre Darner at his side.
Tell him a Blue Darner is one name of a dragonfly, Uncle Ed.