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a person who mends by darning

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Gross's attention to detail makes Darner and her world present and accessible.
While some species of dragonflies will stay here as Massachusetts residents, others, like the green darner, tenspot, and globetrotter, may migrate large distances, even flying hundreds of miles over the ocean.
Tom Darner draws from over thirty years of conservative preaching and teaching on the subject of his book, and is supported by his extensive study, which includes three doctoral degrees in ministry and theology.
An Giall premiered on 16 June 1958 at An Darner in Dublin, and shortly thereafter Joan Littlewood, one of the foremost socialists in theatre production of that era, would offer to stage a translated version of the play in England.
Accordingly, the researcher structured the intervention so that criteria for the practice passages were greater than the end of first grade benchmark criterion of 40 CWPM (Bur-suck & Darner, 2011; Good & Kaminski, 2002).
Ton Buchner, chairman and CEO; Tex Gunning, board member responsible for Decorative Paints; Leif Darner board member responsible for Performance Coatings.
Using a needle darner, sew into place with pink cotton thread down each side.
Other very common odonates observed at most sites include Common Green Darner (Anax junius), Eastern Amberwing (Perithemis tenera), Halloween Pennant (Celithemis eponina), Familiar Bluet (Enallagma civile), and Citrine Forktail (Ischnura hastata).
Executive Committee member for Performance Coatings Leif Darner commented: "We are very pleased to build on our long-standing relationship with the Kanoo family by signing this agreement.
I know now that green darner dragonflies emerge the third week in July and that hog peanut was the first ground cover to turn yellow on the forest floor during the second week of August.
5) 18 A brief job assignment to find the careless darner (6) 21 Lorne travels west to become a member (5) 24 An open fire you will always find in Elgin (5) 25 A top host cooked Betty Driver's favourite Corrie dishes (7) 26 The First Lady takes relaxation on a famous mountain (7) 27 Shout to get brief physical training in the church cellar (5) DOWN 1 A costume worn by eastern women for a number of anniversaries (4) 2 Scamper off to find the folk living under canvas (7) 3 A diner's specially prepared fish (7) 4 Throwing ashtrays can produce a deep flesh wound (4) 5 Where the street water ends up in a bad rainfall (5) 6 Sexy clothing spotted in the marathon?
How else are you going to figure out that the bright red-and-brown striped dragonfly in your backyard is probably a variegated meadowhawk, or that the brilliant blue-and-brown one is more likely to be a blue-eyed darner than a Walker's darner.
NEW LAB LAUNCH From left, Bob Taylor, managing director, International Paint; Gateshead Mayor and Mayoress Joe and Jen Mitchenson; Leif Darner, AkzoNobel executive committee member responsible for performance coatings; and Graeme Armstrong, AkzoNobel executive committee member responsible for research development and innovation, and for the UK
Margot La Ravaudeuse is the story of a Parisian stocking darner who eventually becomes a high-class "demoiselle du monde.